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With more eighteen years’ efforts, Motrike have been distributing vending push cart all over the world. We offer cart with best material and accessories, providing high-quality services to every client we deal with. Motrike launch unique vending push cart suitable for latest market trend. We can provide one-to-one service to you.

Why Motrike Vending Push Cart

  • Extensive vending push cart product line
  • Expert team of designers and engineers
  • Rigorous quality control of vending push cart
  • 100% after-sale service support

Quality Vending Push Cart Manufacturing

If you want a perfect solution for your vending pushcart business, Motrike is your trusted choice in China. We offer all kinds of vending pushcart at a very affordable price. For over 18 years, we serve thousands of customers from the different market around the world., there are in the US, UK, etc.

Motrike manufactures vending push cart under strict production control. With a knowledgeable and expert team along the process, you can assure high-quality products. All units assembled and adjust before leaving the factory to ensure you’ll get a perfect cart.

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Vending Push Cart

Motrike is one of the leading vending push cart manufacturers and suppliers in China. Whether you are looking for the right unit for your business or personal project, this is your right place to be. We offer multifunctional and versatile vending push cart with perfect options.

Motrike vending push carts are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It is reliable and efficient to use with its advanced and dependable features, you’ll have the best unit to add to your product line. As a leading manufacturer, you will get vending push cart at a very affordable price.

Our vending push cart is equipped with all the amenities that you require. The body of the cart is made up of eco-friendly steel alloy materials; energy-saving too. It has flame-proof and flame-resistant features, anti-rust technology, and more.

Vending push cart from Motrike offers uniqueness and proficiency. You can find it in multiple models, colors, designs, and features to fit your own requirements. It is also equipped with components like cooking systems which make it perfect for selling any type of product.

We can also add features according to your desires. In addition, we can go for full customization, from materials, sizes, all aspects. At Motrike, you can avail yourself vending push cart that meets your budget and requirements. All units got the certification by ISO, CE, and SGS standards.

Shop vending push cart at Motrike and get wholesale pricing.

You can create a unique cart for your business. Whether new or experienced business owners, you can add a special touch to your brand with vending push cart from Motrike.

These selection of vending push cart are perfect in different locations, such as parks, universities, arenas, resort, shopping centers, casinos, festivals, market, amusement parks, etc. For over 18 years, our carts have been present in more than 80 countries. Yes, we export most products all over the world.

As the market trends keep changing, we are also constantly evolving to keep on track. We are providing outstanding vending push carts for the mobile food industry. Motrike is your trusted name in the industry. We are a professional manufacturer since 2003.

At Motrike, you can get eye-catching solutions that best fit your business needs. It is lightweight, easy-to-clean & maintains, durable and hygienic. We can also custom-build the perfect vending push cart to suits your business demand.

If you are starting your vending business, or want to expand your food product line, you can find the finest vending push cart made in China. Since the start of manufacturing, we are dedicated to creating vending push cart that will rocket your business.

Aside from vending push cart, we also offer beverage vending cart, food vending cart, fruit vending cart, street vendor cart, mobile vending cart, and so on. These products have been sold to almost 100 countries., including Germany, Norway, America, UK, Denmark, and more.

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