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Motrike- Your Reliable Vending Bike Manufacturer

Motrike is a professional and well-experienced manufacturer and supplier of outstanding vending bikes. With advanced machines and unique strategies, we manufacture a reliable vending bike with stable performance. We are capable of vending bikes that truly meet customer’s demands.

Why Motrike Vending Bike

  • 18 years of manufacturing expertise
  •  Provide reliable and excellent vending bike
  • Manufacture with quality control system
  • Offer vending bike with competitive price

Quality Vending Bike Manufacturing

With an experienced and expert team, Motrike can manufacture a vending bike with the highest quality. We are the professional exporter of vending bikes in different countries. We are committed to providing a unique and useful vending bike. Motrike can build functional vehicles and riding products particularly the vending bike.

Motrike became a world-leading manufacturer and factory of vending bikes. In 18 years of experience, we store and learn different strategies and techniques in manufacturing processing that enable us to produce a high-end vending bike. We warmly welcome your inquiries!

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike-Your Reliable Vending Bike Manufacturer

Motrike is the famous and reachable manufacturer of a wide range of riding products like vending bikes. We have plenty of designs for our vending bikes. At Motrike, you can find a lot of choices of functional and good condition vending bikes at affordable rates.

The Motrike vending bikes are designed for various applications. This is one of the most popular bikes in the industry. Motrike vending bikers are composed of durable and strong frames. We use the finest and superior materials with the vending bike’s frame.

Motrike vending bike is ideal for business applications. It is perfect for those who sell food and any beverage products like ice cream, coffee, and many more. The vending bike is very useful and helpful for vendors because it helps to carry their products without so much hassle.

Every part of a vending bike like the frame and wheels is strong and very easy to clean. It is an eco-friendly and lightweight vehicle that is perfect for many types of business. Motrike vending bikes offer a high-strength to great capacity that can carry a small or large number of the vendor’s products.

Since we use solid materials, Motrike vending bikes can be used for many years and will not build rubbish. Due to its great features, this type of vending bike is very convenient to use and easy to operate. It enables you to move quickly and can be used anywhere.

Motrike vending bikes have a great design and perfect surface appearance. This not only enhances their usability but also makes it more attractive for everyone’s eye and makes the vendor’s customers to attract and interest them with their products.

Motrike is a professional vending bike trike manufacturer that can provide excellent products. If you are looking for an ideal vending bike and other types of the recumbent trike, Motrike is the best option for you. We have a wide selection of vending bikes to offer for you and for your business.

Whether you need a trusted provider for your vending bike needs, Motrike is always happy to serve you. We are working with professional staff and manufacturing workers to produce perfect riding and vehicle products.

Motrike has 18 years of experience in manufacturing vending bikes. We obtain rich expertise and we learn a unique strategy in the manufacturing industry that allows us to produce excellent and awesome vending bikes.

As a quality manufacturer, we can offer stable and functional vending bikes. We are using the imported and latest equipment to provide the most updated and desirable vending bikes. Motrike will provide a turnkey solution for your vending bike requirements.

 You can always feel free to contact us!

What is a Vending Bike?

A vending bike refers to a commercial business vehicle, it is peddling and selling all sorts of products.

It is a selling medium where vendors can deliver numerous products to customers.

Besides, it is found in different streets and public places due to its convenience and appealing appearance. 

Lastly, the vending bike has a significant role where it is helping to serve all public customers.

Vending Bike

Figure-1 Vending Bike

What are the Dominant Features of a Vending Bike?

1. Flexibility

Vending bikes are designed with uniform, firm, and stable structures.

It is well-favorable for any installation and extracting.

2. Blended Designs

Having a distinct and versatile design on your vending bike somehow gives you confidence in peddling your goods.

You can upgrade your plans by using your personalized logos, menu list, aesthetic lights, letterings, and other decorations.

3. Sufficient Space Display

Vending bike has enough space where it can accommodate lots of your displays.

It specializes in having storage boxes, shelves, small cabinets, and extended surface desks.

4. Less Maintenance

Vending bikes are easy and not too costly for any cleaning maintenance.

5. Eco-friendly Non-mobilized Vehicle

It encourages bicycle strength and less exposure to any carbons.

6. Economic

Vending bikes only need a low cost for start-up businesses.

On the other hand, vending bikes are ideal for the following reasons. 

  • It has a rear bike rack
  • Adaptable
  • Weather resistance

Where Does Vending Bike Usually See?

Vending bikes are more exposed to different public places, particularly in:

  • Beaches
  • Bayside 
  • Parks 
  • Plazas
  • Shopping Malls
  • Train Stations
  • Exhibition and Tradeshow Areas
  • Pedestrian Malls
  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Promenades
  • Sidewalks
  • Avenues 

Vending Bike

Figure-2 Vending Bike

What are the Benefits of Having Vending Bike?

Vending bikes have somehow become popular due to their satisfying and skyscraping benefits.

Here are some of its benefits that others have also proved:

  • Vending bikes professionally construct where possible to display all your products.
  • Different parts are well-built for more prolonged use.
  • It is flexible where you can sell any products you want.
  • Easy to transport and move in other areas and stations. 
  • Vending bikes are self-sufficiency.
  • Rapidly arises your product sales and business profit.
  • Capable of offering comprehensive products.
  • Safe and fresh
  • User-friendly

What is the Function of a Vending Bike?

Vending bikes are designed for all vendors, business people, or entrepreneurs to promote their products in different places, inside or outside. 

Through vending bikes, you can sell whatever products come out of your mind. It makes it easier to reach any places and territories where you want to sell your products. 

Vending bikes attract lots of prospective customers. It is an advantage to everyone who wants to start a small business or to gain sufficient income. 

Vending Bike

Figure-3 Vending Bike

What are the Primary Parts of Vending Bike?

Vending bikes have great design primary parts, including:

  • Widened and high-elastic seat
  • A crank pedal that builds from aluminum die casting
  • Rear taillight
  • Shock absorption board
  • Storage box
  • Display cabinet
  • Shelves
  • Extended desk

How Useful Is a Vending Bike?

In this present era, market experts deal with unique strategies in selling products in different ways.

Vending bikes is significant in certain factors, just like:

  • Scalability

You can enable to start your business on a vending bike by using minimal machines.

  • Simplicity

Vending bikes promote easy money and service.

  • Educated

It teaches optimism, independence, and practicality, especially in financial and business matters. 

  • Health

A vending bike also requires you to engage in any movements, just like walking, pedaling, transporting, or carrying essential goods for your health status. 

On the other hand, many business people utilize using a vending bike as their means of financial supplications. 

How Practical Is It to Start a Business through Vending Bike?

Vending bike gives you self-esteem in exposing and introducing your product in your style and capability, such as:

  • Low capital is necessary.
  • Not risky.
  • Gives you a way to save money.
  • Enables you to utilize and use all public places.
  • Does not require any professional degree for you to start a business. 
  • Raises the popularity of street food.

How Long Does a Vending Bike Last?

There is no definite count when a vending bike will last. 

But probably, the vending bike has been helpful for years, just like with standard business bikes.

It depends on how you manage to use, care for, and maintain it properly. 

The more you care about your vending bike is possible fortis prolonged operations and services. 

Vending Bike

Figure-4 Vending Bike

What are those Different Models of Vending Bike?

You can choose from different models of vending bikes, together with:

  • Classical ice cream vending bike tricycle
  • Classical vending bike
  • Classical vending bike with roof
  • Electric ice cream vending bike with roof
  • Front-load street mobile vending bike
  • Functional ice cream vending bike
  • Functional vending bike with a large box
  • Luxury coffee vending bike
  • Mini ice cream vending bike
  • Mobile street vending juice bike
  • Outdoor mobile vending bike with large free space
  • Street food vending push-bike
  • Street mobile business luxury vending bike


Vending bikes are significantly essential in several ways. It is perfect for all entrepreneurs who plan to start vending businesses in different localities. Also, it is one of the most practical means of financial supplications. 

Vending bikes are designed to catch prospective customers. It keeps your product in stable condition. It is durably compact, not costly, less maintenance, and ideal for long-term services. 

In low capital, you can build up and start your dream business with vending bikes. 

These whole contexts probably help you have the best decision in choosing the suitable vending bikes for your career. 

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