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Premier Tricycle Rickshaw Manufacturer in China - Motrike

Motrike specialized in the manufacturing of quality tricycle rickshaws for more than 18 years. Our tricycle rickshaws are machined using top-quality raw materials approved by CE, SGS, UL, and EEC. Our products offer maximum durability on all types of roads. Whats more, it has low maintenance and low operating costs! Settle with us now!

Why Motrike Tricycle Rickshaw

  • Richly equipped and fully functional from the delivery
  • Extra-standard features tricycle rickshaws
  • Smart design and colors
  • 18+ years professional manufacturing experience¬†

Quality Tricycle Rickshaw Manufacturing

Motrike has full capabilities in manufacturing quality Tricycle Rickshaw. Our spare parts are certified from many certifications like UL, CE, EEC, and SGS. We definitely want to satisfy your needs and requirements in a tricycle rickshaw project.

Whether it’s for your personal use or for your business, Motrike can manufacture it for you. Under strict quality control and advanced production line, we can supply even for your huge orders. What’s more, our Motrike Tricycle Rickshaw comes with a long-term warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us immediately.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Tricycle Rickshaw

Motrike is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of tricycle rickshaws. We have 18+ years of accumulated history and experience in this manufacturing industry. Our products have gained a great reputation among clients worldwide.

Motrike tricycle rickshaw is a type of rickshaw bike with unmatched reliability, high performance, and high durability. It is a vehicle with 3 wheels that is operated by foot pedals. In some areas, Motrike tricycle rickshaw is used as a form of taxi.

In manufacturing Motrike tricycle rickshaw, we used innovative machines in the fabrication process as well as highly exceptional materials and state-of-the-art technologies. It is handled by our proficient professional team with rich specialty expertise to fulfill the specific requirements of our customers.

Our in-house quality inspection department meticulously tests & inspects the comprehensive range at each level of Motrike tricycle rickshaw production to ensure the highest quality solutions.

For the finish option, we offer versatile and heavy-duty 2 seaters electric Tricycle rickshaw, 3 seaters electric tricycle passenger rickshaw bike, electric tricycle rickshaw bike taxi, and many more.

We also provide full customization of your tricycle rickshaw requirements. Depending on your sample or idea, color, design, features, Motrike is always ready to satisfy your needs. Just send your specifications, and we will handle the customization process.

Moreover, we export our products to different countries and regions worldwide. We are popular for giving the customers innovative products, high functionality, and excellent quality.

You can find plenty of elegant and standard products here in Motrike such as bicycle rickshaws, bike taxi, Velo taxi, pedicab rickshaw, etc. You can guarantee 100% reliable production of all these products.

Let`s build your business together with Motrike. Get in touch now!

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