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Motrike is a professional manufacturer of tilting recumbent trike with excellent stability, high-performance, and superior quality. Enjoy a fun and adventurous ride with Motrike tilting recumbent trike.

Why Motrike Tilting Recumbent Trike

  • Long-term warranty
  • High-quality spare parts and accessories
  • Fully customizable features based on your details
  • 100% fully inspected by strict QC management

Quality Tilting Recumbent Trike Manufacturing

As a professional manufacturer, Motrike can provide you the broadest collection of tilting recumbent trike. We offer different types and models with fully customizable features. All our products are made and constructed through our advanced assembly lines.

Also, Motrike offers tilting recumbent bike that are certified by various international quality standards. We also ensure that your tilting recumbent bikes are fully inspected before delivering to your doorstep. For more than 18 years, we are passionate about providing your requirements and special requests.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Tilting Recumbent Trike

Motrike has been the leading manufacturer of tilting recumbent trike for almost two decades now. As a professional manufacturer, we always manufacture products that will surely boost or skyrocket your business.

Our tilting recumbent trike is produced with lots of models, types, designs, and sizes. It also comes with high-quality accessories and spare parts. All models, spare parts, and accessories are fully customizable for your special requirements.

We manufacture tilting recumbent trikes that feature ergonomic design and excellent aerodynamics. It also has a narrow track so it doesn’t require many pavements. It also helps in reducing air drag considerably.

Our tilting recumbent trike is also designed with a higher seat for more rigidity and stability when going stopped or slow. It also promotes high-level braking performance and excellent weight distribution. Thus, you can assure that your tilting recumbent bikes are safe to use.

For more than 18 years, Motrike has been growing rapidly while increasing our business and services scope. We now provide tilting recumbent trikes to customers from different countries around the world. Wherever you are in the world, Motrike can still reach you to provide for your needs.

With our expertise, we have gained a strong reputation as the most trusted manufacturer of tilting recumbent trikes. We are an innovation-driven manufacturer that incorporates advanced technology so we can manufacture trendy tilting recumbent trikes.

To support your business, Motrike offers competitive prices without compromising our product’s quality. Motrike ensures that we adhere to local and international quality standards and qualifications. Rest assured that you can trust Motrike to be your tilting recumbent trike manufacturer!

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