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Motrike – Your Expert Tandem Recumbent Trike Manufacturer

Motrike offers an advanced and precisely designed tandem recumbent trike for riding with your companion. Take fun and adventure rides together with Motrike tandem recumbent bike.

Why Motrike Tandem Recumbent Bike

  • High-quality frame and spare part materials
  • Excellent performance construction
  • Wide range of designs, models, and types
  • Constructed and designed by expert engineers

Quality Tandem Recumbent Trike Manufacturing

Since its establishment, Motrike has been committed to manufacturing different models of tandem recumbent trike. We are passionate about supporting your business by providing you excellent quality products.

In China, we own in-house state-of-the-art facilities and manufacturing plants. We also have full assembly lines and production equipment. Thus, we are very capable of providing you high-performance and reliable tandem recumbent trike.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike – Your Dependable Tandem Recumbent Trike Manufacturer

Motrike has more than 18 years of specializing in the production of high-quality tandem recumbent trike. Through our vast experience, we have expanded the scope of our services. Thus, you can guarantee that Motrike can provide you a cost-effective solution for your business.

At Motrike, we have professional engineers with rich experience who design and develop innovative tandem recumbents trike. Our team will work together so we can offer you advanced quality products and the best services.

Motrike manufactures tandem recumbent trike with two pedals. These offer more stability on descents and allows your friend or family to ride together. It also offers a more safe ride for children and people with disabilities to ride.

If you are looking for a superior quality tandem recumbent trike for your business, Motrike is your best manufacturer option. We manufacture tandem recumbent trike models with modular design, lightweight, and reliable performance.

Motrike can also customize your tandem recumbent trike based on your specifications like colors, material selection, accessories, features, and more. Our engineers will work closely with you to come up with your final tandem recumbent bike design.

Usually, our tandem recumbent bike features a regular upright rear seat and a recumbent front seat. The front recumbent seat can be equipped with belts for children and other accessories. We also manufacture electric models of tandem recumbent bikes that are best for long-distance travel and climbing hills.

We are passionate about supporting your business by providing you excellent quality products. Motrike also offers a competitive price and fast delivery. Aside from tandem recumbent bikes, we also manufacture delta recumbent bikes, road recumbent bikes, tilting recumbent bikes, and more. Discover a wide range of recumbent bikes at Motrike!

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