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Motrike is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-concept and presentable street vendor carts in China. This unit does it all if you want to sell hot dogs, food, beverages, coffee, or any street foods. We will help you beautify your street vendor cart. Send us your specific requirement and get an instant quote.

Why Motrike Street Vendor Cart

  • 18+ years of manufacturing history
  • Long quality assurance
  • Professional designer & RD team
  • Manufacture exactly to your need

Quality Street Vendor Cart Manufacturing

Motrike is your professional street vendor cart manufacturer and supplier with vast experience in this field. For more than 18  years of reliable products and services, we are dedicated to the high-quality production of any type of street vendor carts.

As we are a custom street vendor cart supplier, Motrike street vendor carts can be customized and fabricated using stainless steel or welded aluminum with your choice. It is carefully designed using top-quality materials approved by CE, SGS, UL, EEC. Motrike guarantees that you receive the perfect product for your project. Let Motrike built a strong partnership with you!

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Why Motrike Street Vendor Cart

Are you in need of a street vendor cart with great performance and appearance to prepare and sell street food to passers-by? It`s all here in Motrike. With more than 18 years of experience, we are specialized and expert in the production of any type of street vendor cart.

Whether you`re selling ready-to-eat foods or drinks, hotdogs, coffee, ice cream, or any kinds of food and beverages, Motrike street vendor cart is the best cart for you. We will help you find the best design, types, style, features of the street vendor cart suitable for your requirements.

We offer classical coffee street vendor cart, classical food street vendor cart with roof, classical ice-cream street vendor cart, electric ice-cream street vendor cart with roof, front load street mobile street vendor cart, and so on. We manufacture and deliver commercial-grade, self-contained, and food-safe street carts to customers.

Motrike street vendor carts are often found in cities worldwide, in a street or other public place. It is a good choice for people who don’t want to walk long distances for getting their choice food. With Motrike street vendor carts, you can operate anywhere with the ease of mind that you can move at any time. You can serve your food and beverage in any location.

For your orders, Motrike delivery time is faster than other companies. We can also support your installation and maintenance needs. If ever you can’t find the design to suits your requirements in our model presented, Motrike is capable of personalizing your street vendor carts based on your design, sample, idea, or other specifications. Here in Motrike, we will take your idea and turn them into a reality.

As a certified manufacturer, we undergo strict quality control to every street vendor cart to ensure you receive reliable and sustainable street vendor carts. Our product quality meets the requirements of SGS, ISO9001/CE, UL, EEC, etc. We 100% inspect our finish-product Motrike street vendor carts before leaving the factory.

For further information, you can contact us directly at +86 (800) 123 456 789, or send your email to We provide perfect after-sales services to continuously support your business. Our online sales team is 24/7 online to assist your need. Together, we can establish a long-term business partnership!

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