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Motrike- The Best Rickshaw Bike for Elderly Manufacturer in China

Motrike has gained over 18 years of rich history in manufacturing exceptional rickshaw bikes for elderly. There are available custom and standard designs of rickshaw bikes offered at competitive costs. For customization requests, please provide your specifications. Be our next satisfied customers!

Why Electric Surrey Bike

  • Full support for your rickshaw bike for elderly needs
  • With high-class spare parts from popular brands
  • Door-to-door shipment anywhere in the world
  • Provides complete after-sale services

Quality Rickshaw Bike for Elderly Manufacturing

Motrike can be your professional partner in the business that reliably fills your rickshaw bike for elderly needs. We have rich capacities in manufacturing different rickshaw bikes, especially for elderly use.

For the 18 years in service, we always improving our skills in this production. Our top mission is to produce rickshaw bikes for elderly that is compatible with your application. We are always giving our full support in order to attain your satisfaction. Discuss with us your ideal design of rickshaw bikes for elderly!

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike-Your Professional Rickshaw Bike for Elderly Supplier

Most elderly people experienced struggles in going outside or go off to an appointment alone since can`t walk far. Numerous rickshaw bikes for elderly in the Motrike can offer a solution by making them as a bicycle taxi only for the elderly ones. These may help them relax or even gets loads of fun.

Aside from wheelchairs, Motrike Rickshaw bike for elderly is also designed to use as their great choice of transportation. This is a type of hatchback unit constructed to transport elderly people on a commission basis. However, this is referred to various names such as pedicab, bike cab, trishaw, trisikad, velotaxi, etc.

Our unique rickshaw bikes for elderly are human-operated by pedaling. So it means, elderly must have volunteer relatives or hired people to take them out for a ride. Using Motrike rickshaw bikes for carrying elderly passengers will allow them to experience a no-hassle yet very enjoyable, relaxing ride.

Preferring Motrike rickshaw bike for elderly in business will make you gain profits faster. Since it is better than any other transport especially for elderly and those who need special care, there`s a lot of interested buyer for sure.

Plus, elderly will surely experience numerous benefits which is the following;

  • There is a huge possibility of taking out their loneliness,
  • The elderly can go outside again to get fresh air,
  • They will surely enjoy the ride, and
  • Easily go off to an appointment setting

Being a qualified manufacturer, Motrike ensures you will receive rickshaw bikes for elderly that will reach your standards. We always do our best in order to meet your higher expectations.

Place your orders today and give us the list. Allow Motrike to do the rest process!

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