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Recumbent Trike Trailer

Motrike recumbent trike trailers have great designs made of strong materials and other parts such as frames, seats, cables, wheels, pedals, headrest, steering, and more. We can let you design your recumbent trike trailers and help your lower your costs.

  • We design recumbent trike trailers at your ideal sizes, designs, colors, etc.
  • Available in different selections: battery-operated, rechargeable, manual, etc.
  • Provide comfortable seat and smooth drive
  • Custom recumbent trike trailers base on your sent designs

More Features

  • High powered and strong in different types of a short ride
  • Easy to install, complete guide, and detach
  • Offer long life warranty of your recumbent trike trailers

Why Motrike Recumbent Trike Trailers

If you are planning to purchase a recumbent trike trailer in China, Motrike can supply your desired quantity.

Motrike recumbent trike trailers are durable and offered a long life span at competitive rates. It is widely used for cycling expeditions or even for daily use and touring. There are many people that really love recumbent trikes and get with trailers. It is perfect for a long trip and struggling with packing. It is able to carry luggage and any weight of equipment.

Motrike is a perfect solution for kids than bike backseats. Motrike recumbent trike trailer is also applicable for kids. It has more space for children made with the safest and strongest frames that keep children away from risks.

Motrike recumbent trike trailers are widely accessible in two-wheelers. Trailers for recumbent trikes have a lot of options you need to consider. You have to consider the right hubs, rear suspension, axle, and more.

Motrike recumbent trike trailer is perfect for different purposes. Whether you need it for your personal business, touring, retail or wholesale business, Motrike can fully support all your demands. You can request your desired trailer sizes, styles, types of panel materials, polishing, finishes, and more. You can request additional designs you desired for your personal use or your own designs to support your business.

Motrike used amazing quality and tested materials and parts for your recumbent trike trailer orders. We used durable wheels to carry the trailer any weight loads. There are framed recumbent trike trailers that only carry one luggage. You can also choose a single-wheeled recumbent trike trailer with different types of wheels. You can request your desired type of wheels and sizes base on your recumbent trike needs.

In this industry, Motrike is a well-trusted supplier and manufacturer of recumbent trike trailers and related products that ensure all components and parts are tested. You can trust your recumbent trike trailer orders have passed the international certifications to ensure quality. We also ensure your recumbent trike trailer packaging and secured transportation.

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