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Recumbent Trike Handlebars

Motrike manufacture and supply recumbent trike handlebars and accessories. We are experts to develop exceptional handlebars for your trike. Whether you need it as a replacement or building a new trike, these handlebars is for you. Full of outstanding technical details that allow you to enhance ride performance.

  • We design recumbent trike handlebars to fit your vehicle
  • It is available in different lengths and widths;
  • Can be configured in vertical and horizontal design
  • Fully tested to international quality standards
  • Enable high accessing seating position and enhance ride capabilities

More Features

  • Excellent stiffness makes it impossible to bend
  • We supply internal accessories like internal cable routing for a perfect position
  • Ultimate clamping system and strong indexed clamps

Motrike Recumbent Trike Handlebars

Motrike is a professional manufacturer of recumbent trike parts and accessories. We are providing wide variety of recumbent trike handlebars suits various vehicles. If you are building a trike or need a handlebars replacement, Motrike is your trusted choice.

We want to improve your riding experience so we create great accessory mount for you. We have team of skilled and knowledgeable staff make perfect handlebars for your recumbent trike. Over the years of experience in designing and developing recumbent trike handlebars, we can supply high precision components for your business needs.

Motrike recumbent trike handlebars comes in different widths and lengths. Plus, you can configured the handlebars in horizontal or vertical layouts. It has high accessing seating position and robust looks, that enhance ride capabilities.

The Motrike recumbent trike handlebars when mount to your trike will let you explore new horizons, you can cruise to hidden trails, open roads, and other places. It feature exceptional and practical design allowing for a wider, easy access, and roomier cockpit.

All our handlebars and recumbent trike accessories have been successfully tested before leaving the factory. Under strict quality control system, you can guarantee high-quality recumbent trike handlebars. We can also provide customized service and 100% support on your product development.

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