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Recumbent Trike Fairing

Motrike can lower your cost and get the best quality recumbent trike fairing. We ensure great shield ability using durable and popular materials. It has perfect recumbent trike fairing designs and tinted suitable for different applications.

  • The best recumbent trike fairing ideas and solutions available in different sizes and designs.
  • Perfect weather protection perfect for windy days, rainy days, and even sunny days offered a long life span.
  • Equipped electric system support to save the strength of long pedaling.
  • We supply your desired amount and pieces of recumbent trike fairing if you start your small business to test the quality.

More Features

  • We supply different designs and types of materials of recumbent trike fairing available in different types of frames.
  • You can easily assemble our recumbent trike fairing to your final applications since we provide a complete guide.
  • We designed our recumbent trike fairing well durable and perfect protection in any weather condition.

Why Motrike Recumbent Trike Fairing

Looking for durable and affordable recumbent trike fairing for your recumbent trike or any business purposes? Motrike has great selections that offered for many years.

Motrike recumbent trike fairing is a canopy type for recumbent trikes with different shapes and sizes. You can request your desired recumbent trike fairing thickness and different dimensions to fit on your final application. Motrike recumbent trike fairing has great help for all types of recumbent trikes. It is able to increase the recumbent trike speed per hour perfect for aerodynamics.

Motrike recumbent trike fairing is perfect protection or windshields suitable for touring. It protects riders from wind, sunlight, and unexpected rain. We have transparent and see-through type of recumbent trike fairing made of acrylic or fiberglass/ carbon fiber and other material you desired.

Motrike recumbent trike fairing has many purposes at different uses. It protect from insect while driving and any hazard while on the highway. This is also used for aerodynamics. It is a detachable recumbent trike fairing with perfect designs and excellent appearance that surely attract all the buyers.

It is made with stretchy spandex material attach to both sides. It keeps the riders warm and protected from any hazards especially when touring. You can request your desired recumbent trike fairing designs or shapes and types of materials. Whatever your purpose for this recumbent trike fairing, Motrike ensures to support and provide your request.

We, Motrike has over 18 years of manufacturing recumbent trike and related products and accessories. We helped a lot of business types which are now successful. Your urgent needs will be fulfilled with our quality services.

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