Recumbent Quadricycle

Motrike – Your Premier Manufacturer of Superior Quality Recumbent Quadricycle

Motrike manufactures high-quality recumbent quadricycle that features adjustable heights and seat patterns to it will perfectly suit majority of riders.

Why Motrike Recumbent Quadricycle

  • Modular design for less space occupation
  • High-efficiency through E-assist
  • The best performance with an advanced spare parts and components
  • Quality-assured with international certifications

Quality Recumbent Quadricycle Manufacturing

For over 18 years, Motrike has been rapidly growing and earned a good reputation as the leading manufacturer of recumbent quadricycle. Throughout the years, we offer considerate services, integrity, innovation, and value.

Motrike manufactures a wide range of recumbent quadricycle at a competitive cost and fast delivery. We have in-house assembly and production lines that are equipped with advanced technology and modern manufacturing process.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike – The Best Recumbent Quadricycle Manufacturer and Supplier

Through our vast experience in manufacturing and designing recumbent quadricycle, we have expanded our product lines and provided a lot of customers with excellent solutions. For more than 18 years, we never stop developing innovative products for you.

Motrike manufactures a high-quality recumbent quadricycle that can deliver value, fun, and health. Thus, you can assure that you can build a strong constitution and achieve happiness through our superior quality recumbent quadricycle.

All our recumbent quadricycles are innovative and environmentally friendly. It is equipped with an E-assisted System to reduce carbon emissions. It also features a modular design that helps in less space occupation.

Aside from that, our recumbent quadricycle features a steering limiting device that offers stable riding. With its electric motor, you can ride smoothly even in any road condition. As part of innovation, Motrike offers recumbent quadricycles that are upgraded to countless possibilities.

With Motrike’s recumbent quadricycle, you can provide your customers with a stable, comfortable, and safe ride even in extreme conditions. As a professional manufacturer, we also offer customizations of colors, accessories, and parts/components selection.

We focused on producing high-quality recumbent quadricycles with a long-term warranty. All Motrike recumbent quadricycles are certified and approved by international quality standards. For your business, choose Motrike as your trusted manufacturer. We can offer a one-stop solution to your needs.

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