Recumbent Quad Trike Manufacture in China

Motrike-Your Trusted Manufacturer of Recumbent Quad Bike

More than 18 years in manufacturing premium recumbent quad bike. Equipped with professional engineers that focused on developing recumbent quad bike into more innovative product. Each recumbent quad bike we provide comes with 10-year warranty services. Motrike is your ideal supplier for affordable recumbent quad bike.

Why Motrike Recumbent Quad Bike

  • Premium quality recumbent quad bike
  • Highest quality control
  • 100% support in after-sale services
  • Almost 20 years of experienced in this field

Quality Recumbent Trike Manufacturing

Motrike has spent almost 2 decades in developing and manufacturing advanced recumbent quad bike. Our recumbent quad bike has maximum durability, quality and performance. This product is available for both standard and customized designs.

Over the years, we only specializes in creating more innovative recumbent quad bike. It is tested by customers internationally. Motrike has been providing recumbent quad bike in different countries such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, US and more.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Recumbent Quad Bike

Motrike is an expert manufacturer of recumbent quad bike in China. We are equipped with the latest manufacturing system that allows us to produce premium quality recumbent quad bike. Our company has the widest range of this product for competitive prices.

For years, Motrike focused on enhancing and upgrading our recumbent quad bike to ensure that it has the latest designs. We want to give our 100% in each product we produce. This recumbent quad bike is guaranteed to help you reach the top of your market.

Motrike recumbent quad bike is made from materials distributed by the famous spare parts brands like DAPU, Bafang, Panasonic and etc. You can order only 1 product in case you want to check the quality first and resume ordering afterward.

Our company strives to be your most trusted and reliable supplier of recumbent quad bike. We assure you that our recumbent quad bike has passed our strict quality control. Each recumbent quad bike is adjusted already before distributing to ensure that your customers will have their ideal recumbent quad bike.

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