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MoTrike is your huge manufacturer and supplier of a recumbent mountain bike. MoTrike recumbent mountain bike can be adjusted according to the client’s and customer’s needs. You are able to carry the recumbent mountain bike with you anywhere and enjoy the freedom of riding anytime.

Why Recumbent Mountain Bike

  • 18 years in the manufacturing of recumbent mountain bike
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Quality Recumbent Mountain Bike Manufacturing

MoTrike is a top-rated recumbent mountain bike manufacturer in China. Our recumbent mountain bike is full of high-quality bikes that perfect your needs. MoTrike products including all types of recumbent mountain bikes have produced by our professional engineers. 

MoTrike has rich experience in producing recumbent mountain bikes. If you choose MoTrike as your professional manufacturer? You are in the right place. For your inquiries, Send your message to us Now.

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Recumbent Trike design

Recumbent Mountain Bike

At present MoTrike designs different types of recumbent mountain bikes for mountain traveling, off-roading, commuting. This recumbent mountain bike is easier to use. You don’t have to worry about balance, just focus on pedaling and let the hills come as they may.

MoTrike is an expert in recumbent mountain bike manufacturers from China for more than 18 years. MoTrike has a great quality recumbent mountain bike that has fully guaranteed for all types of a recumbent mountain bike.

We are your recumbent mountain bike, a certified and leading manufacturer. Our recumbent mountain bikes are made of high-quality standard material. We are producing a strong recumbent mountain bike nationwide.

We manufactured recumbent mountain bike in different types including Full Suspension Off-Road Recumbent Mountain Bike, Custom Full Suspension Recumbent Mountain Bike, Big Fat Wheels Fat Tire Recumbent Mountain Bike, 4WD Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Assist Recumbent Mountain Bike and, etc.

Furthermore, we can support your recumbent mountain bike business and needs. Also, we can help you to provide your 100% recumbent mountain bike with reliable and professional services. And also we are always improving the quality of each product.

MoTrike has a large selection of recumbent mountain bikes in China. To get the best recumbent mountain bike that you desired, Send your inquiry now.

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