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Motrike-Your Leading Recumbent Cargo Trike Manufacturer in China

Motrike is one of the well-respected manufacturers of recumbent cargo trike in China. Our outstanding quality of recumbent cargo trike is created using high-grade materials. With more than 18 years of manufacturing experience, we can always help you find the best recumbent cargo trike which compatible with your applications.

Why Motrike Recumbent Cargo Trike

  • Over 18 years of experience in this field
  • 10-year warranty for recumbent cargo trikes and spare parts
  • Ship any quantity of orders door-to-door
  • Available at competitive costs

Quality Recumbent Cargo Trike Manufacturing

Motrike has the main profession in producing top-quality recumbent cargo trike for customers anywhere in the region. All spare parts come from numerous brands such as Shimano, Panasonic, AVID, etc. Motrike is able to manufacture recumbent cargo trike based on your specific needs.

Being a trustworthy recumbent cargo trike manufacturer, Motrike offers 10-year warranty services which great for your start-up business. We can provide the best services for your benefit.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Recumbent Cargo Trike

Do you need a recumbent cargo trike to move heavy and large stuff all over for business? Then you must need a model of a recumbent cargo trike with the capability of taking big weight payloads and large carrying capacities. Well, Motrike has all the type of recumbent cargo trike that you`re looking for.

Motrike recumbent cargo trike features 450 kg loading capacity.  It functions for both transporting goods and persons in a safe and fast way. Also a great choice for exercise. Riding recumbent cargo trikes, which also referred to as adult tricycles offer several health benefits for the rider.

We designed a recumbent cargo trike that allows someone to sit with complete back support on a huge comfortable seat. It specifically supports the shoulder, buttock, and especially the backbone. These are made for people who love to tour outdoor places.

All of the recumbent cargo trikes we offer are easier to drive. It also offers health benefits such as burning calories, back pain relief, strengthening muscles, etc.

When you are looking for a manufacturer that offers the best recumbent cargo trike for your different cargo transporting plans, Motrike is the best place you can go for. It`s time that you choose a recumbent cargo trike for your next long ride while carrying heavy goods.

With more than 18 years of expertise, Motrike has been concentrated on producing the highest quality recumbent cargo trike from China. We even implement strict quality control to ensure the quality level of our recumbent cargo trike before shipping.

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