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With over 18 years of experience in reclining trike manufacturing, Motrike supply the perfect reclining tricycle with a range of excellent features. We have a reclining trike ideal for both children and adults with limited mobility. Whether looking for a reclining trike for your dropshipping business or personal use, you can always rely on Motrike.

Why Motrike Reclining Trike

  • Custom-design reclining trike
  • Strict quality control of your reclining trike
  • Good after-sale service
  • Long-term quality warranty

Quality Reclining Trike Manufacturing

Motrike always make the best for every customers we deal with. With almost two decade in the field, we are capable to provide you best-quality reclining trike. Under strict quality manufacturing control, you can assure perfect product, either custom-made or standard reclining strike.

Presently, we have extensive line of reclining trike. The spare parts of reclining trike come from well-known brands., Avid, Shimano, Bafang, Panasonic, Schwalbe, and more. We will 100% support your business/ personal needs and requirements.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Reclining Trike

If you are looking for reclining trike to enhance your riding experience, or boost your dropshipping business, Motrike is your reliable partner. We offer a wide range of reclining tricycles in various models, designs, printings, etc.

Motrike reclining trike also known as reclining tricycle is manufactured using spare parts selected from leading brands such as Schwalbe, Avid, Panasonic, and more. These brands have a good reputation in the cycling industry. You can easily source spare parts if you need replacement.

Since 2003, Motrike is fully dedicated to create intelligent products and support having new lifestyles. We are able to sold reclining trike in more than 80 countries.

For special purposes, we can customize reclining trike as per customers’ demand. Our professional design team will fulfill your requirements. Before leaving the factory, your 3 wheels reclining bike will pass through further inspection, to guarantee quality level.

Motrike will 100% support you; we will provide after-sale service, including installation and maintenance needs. What’s more, compared to other suppliers, we provide 10 years of warranty service on the metal frame and spare parts.

At Motrike, we will deliver your reclining trike in a short lead time. Any desired quantity, you can get reclining trike at best prices, yes, we accept small orders.

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