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Motrike is your perfect choice for all your tandem bike needs. We owe to present you with the most durable tandem bike with solid and compact configurations. It is available in different models that fit your specific requirements and applications.  

Why Motrike Tandem Bike

  • 18+ years in tandem bike manufacturing
  •  Promotes strict quality production
  • Offers tandem bike at the most reasonable cost
  • Supports 24/7 online services and quick deliveries

Quality Tandem Bike Manufacturing

Since 2003, Motrike’s primary objective has been to create and provide the highest quality tandem bike and other related bikes. We have sufficient knowledge to study and understand all your specific requests and requirements. All our tandem bikes build-up from the sturdiest selection of materials and are beneficial for long-term uses.     

Moreover, our tandem bikes are primarily distributed in different markets all over the country. The different strategies and techniques we learn are an excellent factor for us to professionally plan, design, innovate, develop and process tandem bikes. Grab yours now!

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Motrike – Your Outstanding Tandem Bike Manufacturer 

Motrike is a China-based company that centralizes manufacturing and supplying riding products, including tandem bikes. We are qualified enough to give you the professional services and offers of our products.

Motrike tandem bike is made from a sturdy and robust frame. This riding bike is good for couples, friends, and more. They come in a wide range of frame colors such as light green, blue, red, black, yellow, and many more.

Tandem bikes from Motrike offers at affordable and friendly prices. Motrike tandem bike provides several advantages and benefits. They are convenient to use and offer simple maintenance. Moreover, the Motrike tandem bikes feature an adjustable stem and aesthetic appearance.

Most of the tandem bikes are composed of aluminum frames. Whether you need a high-quality tandem bike, you can always count on Motrike. We mainly engaged in tandem bike and other riding bike production.

Motrike tandem bikes offer a steady and reliable function. They consist of durable and high-quality parts ensuring exceptional performance. In addition, the Mortike tandem bike features a disc brake making them an excellent riding bike option.

As a professional manufacturer, Motrike manufactures a tandem bike using high-grade materials and upgraded equipment. You can ensure superior tandem bike quality. These riding products are the most preferred due to their sustainability characteristics.

Aside from tandem bikes, Motrike also offers various riding products such as recumbent bikes, surrey bikes, party bikes, party bikes, cargo bikes, and more. We can customize your tandem bike according to your details.

Motrike ensures the best product quality to satisfy your expectations. You can guarantee a professional tandem bike design. Motrike can offer you an outstanding tandem bike that is best for your business.

As an experienced manufacturer, we achieve the best reputation in this industry. Excellent services and reliable products are your assurance.

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Tandem Bike: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Tandem Bike?

A tandem bike is like a regular bike but has two or more seats. It is a distinct form of bicycle intended for two or more cyclists who can pedal together tandemly. 

It has a front rider or a captain responsible for controlling the brakes, and other primary gears of a tandem bike, while the rear rider is also the one who assists in pedaling. 

It is the perfect leisure material for all couples, families, kids, and friends.

Figure-1 Tandem Bike

Figure-1 Tandem Bike

What is the Function of a Tandem Bike?

Tandem bikes allow the two cyclists to show their different strengths and abilities to cycle together as a tandem. 

How Many Wheels Does a Tandem Bike Have?

Just like with regular bikes, a tandem bike also contains two wheels. One wheel at the front and also one wheel at the back. 

Is it Worthwhile to Have a Tandem Bike?

Take a look for this exact reason why it is worth it to have a tandem bike. 

  • It exerts the same transmission speed even both riders shows different strength force
  • A tandem bike contains compact, robust, and durable material and mechanical compositions. 
  • It runs faster compared to regular cycles, especially in uphill and flat areas.
  • Riding on a tandem bike somehow tests the syncs together with your partner.
  • It provides extreme leisure and fun.

Are Tandem Bikes Safe?

A tandem bike can be safe if a biker knows how to control and use it properly. 

It is necessary to spend enough time studying and understanding the safety practices of riding a tandem bike. This will probably help you to prevent possible risks that you might encounter. 

Is it Difficult to Ride on a Tandem Bike? 

No. Riding a tandem bike seems not to be complicated. 

Kids, teenagers, adults, or even seniors can ride and maneuver the tandem bike flawlessly.

Figure-2 Tandem Bike

Figure-2 Tandem Bike

What are the Possible Risks that Might Encounter on Riding in a Tandem Bike?

These are the possible problems that are commonly experienced by someone who engages in riding on a tandem bike:

  • The stocker keeps on moving too much. If ever it happens, a bike will surely lose its balance and control, leading to its fall.
  • When a tandem bike needs to stop, if both partners do not know how to brake the tandem bike at the right timing and potency, that probably results in losing its balance.

Is Tandem Bike Faster?


Tandem bikes run faster since they control by two or more people that give more power and speed.

How Fast is a Tandem Bike?

At an average speed, a tandem bike can exceed 1-2 miles per hour which are 10%-30% faster compared with single bikes. But it possibly increases to 20-60 miles per hour, especially in downhill areas. 

Figure-3 Tandem Bike

Figure-3 Tandem Bike

Do Two Riders Need to Pedal on a Tandem Bike?

Possibly, yes. 

In riding on a tandem bike, riders must have teamwork and pedal accordingly to make their tandem bike run constantly. 

Who is Responsible for Balancing a Tandem Bike?

The front rider or captain characterizes a tandem bike leader who holds the overall balance of a tandem bike. However, a front rider is in charge of maneuvering the pedaling, steering, braking, gear shifting, and other controls. 

What are the Components Composed of Tandem Bike? 

A tandem bike is composed of the following components including:

  • Captain’s Area
  • Stoker’s Area
  • Wheels
  • Rims
  • Spokes
  • Hub Width
  • Handlebars
  • Seatposts
  • Gearing
  • Brakes
  • Chains
  • Belt Drive
  • Pedals

 Tandem Bike

Figure-4 Tandem Bike

What are the Benefits of Riding in a Tandem Bike?

Riding on a tandem bike is so different. These are the evident benefits of riding a tandem bike. 

  1. Tandem bikes are safe transportation for you to travel to different spots outside. 
  2. Enough where two riders can sit comfortably.
  3. Applicable for both kids and adults.
  4. Tandem bikes are a great way to exercise.
  5. Ideal for family, siblings, and friends bonding. 
  6. Tandem bikes are also environmentally friendly since they do not emit any polluted smoke or smogs. 
  7. Have fewer parts that make them have less maintenance. 
  8. Tandem bikes are perfect for those who cannot ride on an individual bike.
  9. Advantageous for small businesses since they are capable of carrying, transporting goods and products.
  10. Tandem bikes are uncomplicated to control.
  11. Tandem bikes promote teamwork between cyclists.

What are the Disadvantages of Riding a Tandem Bike?

Despite the benefits, tandem bikes are also disadvantageous for the following reason:

  1. Tandem bikes have no mirrors. If you want to overtake or turn to the other side, you need to look back to see other transportation following you.
  2. Tandem bikes run slowly, especially on rough roads.
  3. Tandem bikes are physically demanding.

Do I Need to Check the Condition of my Tandem Bike?

Yes. Definitely.

Regularly check your tandem bike to prolong its operation. It maintains a good-looking appearance and retains its constant function.

What are the Related Factors that Make a Tandem Bike More Ideal?

  • Tandem bikes are safer in specific scenarios.

Tandem bikes are more visible to everyone.

The more visible you are, the lesser possibility of being engaged in an accident, crash, or hit. 

  • Different individuals with different strengths can ride a tandem together.

In a tandem bike, the capacity of strength, speed, and ability do not matter.

Everyone can contribute and enjoy the rides no matter how hard or easy you want. 

  • Both partners can arrive at a destination at the same time.

There is no competition on how fast or slow you can reach your goals.

When riding on a tandem bike, you can no longer wait for your partner or ask to wait for you.

  • There is no need to carry lots of tools and spare components.

It only needs to bring the essential tools and parts of your tandem bike exclusively for emergency purposes. 

  • It divides the work of riding.

Every rider works with different responsibilities. One rider is responsible for the significant control, while the rest is for support.

Furthermore, both riders must keep their eyes on the road to check for other drivers, obstacles, or something down the street.

  • Less possible for being stolen.

All tandem bikes are simple and easy to be recognized as the cause for uneasy stealing.

  • Most tandem bikes are lighter than regular bikes.

A tandem bike typically weighs 6.8 kilograms.

It is lighter because it only comprises single parts, unlike two traditional bikes. 

  • You can communicate with your partner while riding.

A tandem bike can let you have small talks with your partner even you are riding.

These practices somehow strengthen your good relationships.

Figure-5 Tandem Bike

Figure-5 Tandem Bike


Tandem bikes give lots of advantages and benefits for all the users like you.

It enables you to provide the funniest and most enjoyable biking experience.

Besides, it is also a way to create strong relationships with your partner, families, siblings, and friends. 

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