Steel Stroller Bike

Steel Stroller Bike

Model/Price: M-TG05, US $350/pc

Review:combines the fun of a cargo bike with the functionality of a premium stroller

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Frame: Steel
Front brake: Aluminum alloy double disc brake
Rear brake: Roller brake
Parking brake: Steel (easy hand operation in two modes)
Wheel: 16 inch aluminium alloy wheels (two front wheels-removable)
Tire: 16×1.5, regrind (environmental rubber)
Rim: Aluminum alloy, double-deck, with rivet at the end of each spoke
Paint: Resin paint
Bell: Aluminum alloy
Safety harness: 5 point extra strong harness
Seating positions: 3 positions in stroller and riding mode
Tricycle dimensions: 69(W) x 170(L)x 110(H) cm
Stroller dimensions: 69(W) x 170(L) x 110(H) cm
Capacity: rider 100 kg; child: 25 kg
Weight: 23.5 kg

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