British Rickshaw

British Rickshaw

British Rickshaw

Model/Price: M-TB02, US $1,200-1,350

Review: electric rickshaw

Keyword: electric rickshaw, electric pedicab, pedicab rickshaw

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Technical Data
Overall width: 112 cm
Overall height: 170 cm
Overall length: 235 cm
Track width: 103 cm
Wheel base: 162 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Wheel size: 20″ front / 24″ rear
Max. load: 300 kg
Rider height: 155-190 cm
Frame: High carbon steel
Cabin: Aluminum
Tires: 20×2.125″ front / 19-2.25″(motorcycle tire) rear
Rim: Aluminum alloy
Front brake: Mechanical disc brake
Rear brakes: Hydraulic disc brake
Brake levers: Aluminum alloy
Gears: Shimano 6 gears
Crankset: DAPU 38T with torque sensor pedal assist
Differential: Custom made
Canopy: PVC
Motor: DAPU 48v 500w front hub motor
Battery: 48v 20Ah lead acid battery
Display: DAPU LCD display
Q1: What electric system do you offer?
A: Our rickshaw is equipped with Japanese DAPU electric system, including powerful 500w front hub motor, efficient controller, multifunctional LCD panel and torque sensor pedal assist.
DAPU offer top quality electric systems that ensure your rickshaw experience in an exciting and revolutionary way.
Q2: What colors are available?
A: The available colors are red, yellow, blue, green, white and black.
Q3: How fast does it go?
A: The top speed is electronically limited to 25 kph for safety reasons.
Q4: How many miles can it travel on a single charge?
A: It depends on weight, assistance, terrain, weather conditions etc. The estimated range is 37 miles (60 km).
Q5: How many people can fit in a rickshaw?
A: Each rickshaw can carry up to 3 adults,including rider.
Q6: Can it go up hills with 2 passengers on them?
A: It is designed for urban transport and traveling on a flat route. It can only go up slight hills.
Q7: Can the battery take out easily for quick change?
A: The battery is under the cabin, which can be lifted. It is easy to take out the battery.
Q8: Does it have a storage place under the passenger seat?
A: Yes, it has a storage place which can fit in handbags.
Q9: Does it come fully assembled or do I have to put it together?
A: It comes 50% assembled (the classic and electric cable are fully bulit). It will require half an hour of assembling and adjusting for the average person.
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