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Motrike- Your Trusted Ice Cream Bike Manufacturer

Motrike is one of the premier choices for many people in business especially when needed high-class ice cream carts. It has strong and popular designs perfect for long-term purposes. Motrike can supply great selections of ice cream carts for you while lower your costs.

Why Motrike Ice Cream Bike

  • Professional and trusted ice cream bike manufacturer for more than 18 years
  • Faster and quality production for your ice cream bike orders
  • High-quality materials and parts for a long life span
  • Faster response and competitive rates

Quality Ice Cream Bike Manufacturing

Choose the right ice cream bike supplier and manufacturer in China so you can ensure to get the best quality and designs. Motrike is a trusted manufacturer that able to meet your desired customization We have complete machines for different processes.

We, Motrike are professional in terms of supporting expandable business especially when you are starting a small business. Our ice cream bike can help you gain the best profits.

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike-Your Reliable Ice Cream Bike Manufacturer

Looking for the best supplier for your ice cream bike needs? Motrike can provide all your desired selections from types of materials, parts, designs, styles, types, functions, and more. You can send or request your ice cream bike ideas and send them directly to Motrike.

Motrike ice cream bike has a lot of selections to consider especially when supporting a small or large business. Motrike ice cream bike has different tube styles and types. It is made in different types of materials that keep ice cream fresh and cold even in many hours of the trip.

It is perfect for the hot season since Motrike designed it with perfect canopies or umbrellas. It has suitable colors for roofs or umbrellas to protect driver’s safety from heat. We designed perfect pedals for comfortable pedaling.

This is the most popular especially in hot seasons. The best refreshing delicacies to all streets. Motrike designed ice cream bike attractive that let riders and customer’s imagination soar. The customers will surely love to buy every day. For retail business purposes, Motrike ice cream bike is perfect to gain perfect profits. It has an attractive appearance that surely buyers will love to choose.

Motrike ice cream bikes are available in different types of containers. It is widely accessible in circular containers and base on your personal preferences. It is made of stainless steel attainable at your desired sizes or thickness. We designed an ice cream bike in different panel colors available in wooden materials, stainless steel, and more materials. We ensure the best polishing and finishes that surely provide the perfect appearance.

Our ice cream bike has an excellent quality freezer that performs up to 10 hours a day base on the size of battery you need and temperature. All parts are made of popular materials and parts including freezers. The components are made of famous parts and more ice cream bike parts such as seats, wheels, spokes, cables like brake cable, and more.

You can always demand your business needs. Send your ice cream bike desired styles. Motrike can prioritize your urgent needs and ensure secured shipment while preventing refunds and returns. We have watchful and skilled staff to check your orders strictly before we move out to our factory.

Deal with us today and get what you wished for your business while saving your money with Motrike. We can offer our faster services.

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