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All your cargo trike necessities are found in Motrike! We offer the widest selection of cargo trike in many different designs, models, sizes, and colors. We are one of the biggest cargo trike manufacturers in China, working for over 10 years. Being a leading manufacturer, we provide multiple molds for custom design cargo trike.

Why Motrike Cargo Trike

  • 100% customized according to your preferences
  • Comes with a long-term warranty
  • Quality inspected guaranteed by experienced QC team
  • High-end spare parts and accessories

Cargo Trike Manufacturing

Operating in China, Motrike is one of the famous suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality cargo trikes that comes from high-end materials. We gained many international certifications such as SGS, CE, and ISO certifications.

In short, Motrike is an expert when it comes to your cargo trike products and accessories need. Our company has the latest double traction manufacturing equipment that guarantees quick delivery time and fast production for your orders.

Partner with Motrike now! We will be on hand to answer any concerns you have at any stage of the project.

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Motrike Cargo Trike

Leading industry worldwide, Motrike offers the best cargo trike that you may need for your business necessities. Motrike cargo trike is one of the best-selling from our showroom.

Motrike manufactured high-quality cargo trikes that are easy to ride. Its box in the front is easily adapting to almost any family situation or configuration.

Our durable cargo trike is perfectly designed for accommodating twin babies, transporting kids or dogs, transporting adults, and simply having a spot for the children and have fun. Plus, it is easy to ride, light in weight, a super versatile box, and can be adapted to every family’s needs.

Motrike cargo trike is constructed from high-quality raw materials. Through our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we are capable of manufacturing different types of cargo trikes. One of the best cargo trikes we offered is an electric front-loading cargo trike, kids cargo trike, lower gravity small box mini cargo trike, and luxury heavy loading cargo trikes.

Motrike is a reputable manufacturer in China offering high-quality cargo trike in many designs, styles, colors, and sizes. Not just that, Motrike also provides cargo trikes with a custom polishing that adds rigidity and style to your cargo trikes.

No matter what you need for your cargo trikes, we can produce them according to your request. Just send us your specific requirements.

In Motrike, you can find an outstanding quality of cargo trikes. We have over 10 years of manufacturing experience, so you can definitely rely on our team. Motrike used 100% qualified raw material in manufacturing all your cargo trikes orders.

Almost all cargo trikes are found in Motrike! We can also manufacture high-quality delivery bikes, coffee bikes, vending bikes, ice cream carts, juice carts, catering bikes, food bikes, and so much more.

All in all, Motrike is your one-stop solution when it comes to cargo trike manufacturing. Allow Motrike to be part of your growing business!

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