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Motrike – Your Incomparable Popsicle Cart Manufacturer

Motrike is the best manufacturer and provider of the highest quality popsicle carts. We engaged in the production of a wide range of popsicle carts that varies in design, sizes, color, features, and other specifications. You can find and choose the popsicle carts here in Motrike. Send your inquiries immediately!

Why Motrike Popsicle Cart

  • Over 18 years of manufacturing expertise
  • Manufactures a large number of the popsicle cart
  • Advanced techniques in processing
  • Cost-effective and Fast delivery

Excellent Popsicle Cart Manufacturing

Since 2003, Motrike consistently growing as a professional popsicle cart manufacturer and supplier in China. Owing to quality products and reliable services, we have gained an excellent reputation in the international market. Many customers from various countries choose Motrike as their no.1 supplier of popsicle carts, be one of them.

In fact, Motrike adopts advanced techniques in processing and self-designed production to produce long popsicle carts with great performance and quality. Also, we can custom your popsicle carts’ needs based on your specific requirements. To perfect your popsicle carts, we possess many advanced machines in manufacturing including precise CNC systems, folding and cutting machines, etc. You can message us today!

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike – Preeminent Popsicle Cart Manufacturer

For more than 15 years, Motrike has been manufacturing the most promising quality, cost-effective and functional popsicle carts. We are dedicated to providing the perfect popsicle carts with various designs, features, sizes, and specifications that can surely meet your requirements.

All types of Motrike popsicle carts are rigorously engineered by our experienced and talented R&D team and staff. We strictly follow strict quality control in our manufacturing processes to ensure the rugged, the best production of popsicle carts. All materials we used in fabrication are compliant with CE, UL, SGS, and more certifications.

In Motrike, you can customize your popsicle cart. We welcome new ideas from our valued customers. We provide a wide range of popsicle carts with different customization possibilities, designs, features, and colors.

You can choose from our product offer including classical mobile electric popsicle cart, functional ice cream bike popsicle cart, mini ice cream bike popsicle, mobile luxury ice cream bike parasol cart, etc.

Our Motrike popsicle carts are structured with innovative design, that can surely get attention from customers and bring you great profits from advertising. All are eco-friendly carts that can reduce emissions and also can protect the environment.

Moreover, Motrike popsicle carts are made of a stainless steel plate which is easy to clean. You have nothing no worry, because it is easy and safe to operate, and more convenient.

Since our inception in 2003, we have been insisting on irreplaceable quality products and the best services. With sophisticated warehouses in Europe, the US, and advanced facilities in China, Motrike is capable of producing a huge number of popsicle carts for your business with low costs and fast delivery.

Aside from Motrike popsicle carts, we also offer gelato bikes, mobile ice cream cart, ice cream pushcart, ice cream vending cart, tricycle ice cream bikes, and so on. Simulates the one that most fits your brand with Motrike.

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