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Motrike- Your Expert Pedal Tavern Manufacturer

For more than 18 years, Motrike is devoted to manufacturing different types and models of pedal taverns in China. We choose and control every part of high-quality products to support your needs in the pedal tavern project! Be one of our satisfied customer.

Why Motrike Pedal Tavern

  • All parts are SGS, CE, EEC or UL approved
  • 18+ years manufacturing experience
  • Reliable and cost-effective
  • Expert and skilled machining operators

Quality Pedal Tavern Manufacturing

Motrike is your irreplaceable pedal tavern manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a large variety of stocks of all sorts of pedal taverns.  This was designed through deep testing, examination, and process to guarantee safe, durable rides.

Choose Motrike as your pedal tavern supplier now! We guarantee that all core components of our pedal tavern models such as chargers, controllers, batteries, and motors are approved with CE, SGS, UL, and EEC. You will surely experience comfort and contentment rides with our Motrike Pedal Tavern product!

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  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Why Motrike Pedal Tavern

Motrike Pedal Tavern is your best choice whenever you want an excellent whole new entertainment experience. Motrike Pedal Tavern is built to be the ultimate party bike for you. Motrike will manufacture any types, models, features, designs of pedal tavern at a very cost-effective rate.

We offer 15 person riding together touring party pedal tavern, heavy-duty electric beer pedal tavern bike, etc. Our skilled and highly-trained designers know that your customers want a mind-blowing experience when they rent your party bike. That’s why we will never disappoint you in choosing the right pedal tavern with great performance, top safety features with usability, fun, style, and comfort.

To satisfy your requirements, Motrike Pedal Tavern can be custom built with timeliness, efficiency, quality in mind. From the beginning to the completion of your project, we will never leave you hanging.

We will support you to create the party bike of your dreams. Using our knowledge and advanced production line, we can create custom solutions to simplified your operations from day one.

With our extensive expertise, Motrike got you covered. Whether you are a distributor, a company that wants to enhance your brand or you’re expanding your party bike business and need a new bike, you can count on us.

All our Motrike pedal tavern will put your mind at ease. It comes with a driver manual, parts list, and a great warranty.  Motrike pedal tavern is durable and heavy-duty and perfect for any party bike events. We can guarantee you that our products and services can highly reach your standards.

Aside from Motrike pedal tavern, we also produced a wide range of trikes and bikes. All are durable and perfect for you. It includes a rickshaw bike, surrey bike, recumbent trike, and so on.

For further information about Motrike pedal tavern, please feel free to contact us today! We have 24/7 online assistance and friendly customer service to support your needs.

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