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Motrike party bikes have great designs for multi passengers featuring open seating at a sociable configuration. Choose desired colors and number of seating. Canopies are customizable according to your demands. We proudly offer these party bikes for your business. It lowers your cost and ensures to save your time and money.

Why Motrike Party Bike

  • 18 years of manufacturing party bikes in the industry
  • Affordable and negotiable party bikes
  • Long-life warranty
  • Customized party bike according to your sent drawings

Quality Party Bike Manufacturing

Motrike is your professional party bike supplier and manufacturer in China that able to reach your locations. We can support and provide all your needs and party bike orders base on your requests.

We professionally made party bikes with our high-class equipment and complete facilities. Our manufacturing experts are well trained and assigned base on their experience. Our 18 years in the industry made us expert and popular that many customers always rely on.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike-Your Reliable Party Bike Manufacturer

Motrike party bikes are popular and attainable in different styles and more selections. In China, Motrike is a trusted supplier of party bikes and related products that ensure the finest materials and famous parts.

If you need party bikes for your business, you can consider different choices and ensure all selections. Motrike can help you and suggest the best options.

Motrike party bikes are widely used for parties in different colors, sizes, and styles. It is available in different seating positions from multi seating to 12 seating. The seats are customizable base on your seating designs and desired types of materials. Party bike controls by drivers with a table at the center.

Party bikes are invented in 1997 widely used for staff parties, private touring, rentals, and more purposes. This is a human-powered vehicle started from the Netherlands by Het Fietscafe BV. It has great designs of side seating steering, attractive canopies, and a side seat for pedalers.

Motrike party bikes have long-life headlights at different housing styles. You can request your desired headlight colors, canopy colors, and more choices to make it attractive and negotiable. We can customize your party bike layouts and ensure your ideal sizes, styles, colors, and types of material to use, including parts.

Motrike party bikes are perfect for small member celebrations like coffee parties, friend birthday parties, and more purposes available in very high-quality and effective solutions for unforgettable memories. This is an open-air party bike that all riders can feel the fresh air while enjoying the party.

You can request your desired party bike customizations from styles, colors, polishing, seating, and more. We can suggest our own designs which are popular in many countries that use our party bikes. We ensure to supply certified internationally and passed all audits. We have an electric and battery-operated party bike for pedaling support as well and lighting. You can request your desired functions whether it is for business or personal use.

If you have urgent needs for your purchase, Motrike assures you to handle faster and secure processes. We will choose the best transportation for you that suits your party bike quantity orders.

Send your inquiries to benefit from our amazing offers and outstanding services that offer in more than 18 years and counting. Message us now!

Party Bike: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for the best party bike for your field or parties?

Considering this article helps you decide or choose the most suitable party bike for you. You will determine its characteristics, advantages, functions, features, and more.

This study guide will probably give you answers and explanations to all of your party bike-related questions.

Enjoy reading and learning!

What is a Party Bike?

Party bikes have evolved into many vehicle families for various uses, such as tourist rentals and personal riding. 

It is commonly ideal in tourist attractions as refreshment stands and others.

The party bike is one of the human-powered vehicles with steer and brake managed by a driver without pedaling power.

The party bike can go about 5-12-mph speed.

party bike

Figure-1 Party Bike

What Is Popular Theme for Party Bike?

The following are some ideas for party bike theme.

  • Holidays like Valentine, Christmas, Halloween, and more
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Bachelorette

What Includes When Renting a Party Bikes and the Cost?

The cost if you rent a party bike is determined by the date, hour, and day.

Party bikes are frequently found at tourist destinations, where they may be leased by the hour or day and used as a mobile refreshments station.

Rental party bike owners have their own choice of what they provide for riding customers.

Below are some common offers:

  • Built-in sound system
  • Driver or a guide
  • Iced cold drinks per person
  • Comfortable chairs with pedals
  • Foods

How Does the Party Bike Move?

The party bike moves using pedals. 

It also has an operating powered battery motor. 

How Many Seats Are There in Party Bike?

The party bike is composed of 15 passenger seats, including a driver and the tour guide.

A party bike also requires a minimum of 8 people to operate, depending on the group’s cycling skills.

Party Bike

Figure-2 Party Bike

Is There Pedal on Every Party Bike Seat?

There are only ten seats that have pedals.

The remaining two seats don’t have, and the three are placed on the backbench.

Party bikes have evolved into many vehicle families for a range of uses, such as tourist rentals and personal riding.

Can we Bring our Food on a Party Bike?

Of course, you can bring food including:

  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Beverages
  • Beer or wine
  • Ice, etc.

Is the Party Bike to Have Storage?

The party bike is designed with two sizeable coolers for drinks.

It also has a canopy area for bags and other supplies.

Is it Legal or Approved to Ride Party Bike?

Yes, you can legally enjoy party bike rides. 

Accommodating 15 persons on a party bike is legal in particular places in different countries.

Figure-3 Party Bike

Figure-3 Party Bike

What type of Clothing Should Wear In Party Bike?

Wear anything you want, and you’ll be fine.

But keep in mind that you’re riding a bike, so consider that while choosing your outfit.

However, sandals should not wear since they might easily slip off when riding.

Does the Party Bike have Electrical Pedal Assist?

Every party bike features a motor system that was custom developed and constructed to assist anyone as much as you want

Also, raw pedal force is still preferred.

Is There a Minimum Age for Riding a Party Bike?

To ride, you must be 18 years old or older, and to drink alcohol, you must be 21 years old or older.

Almost all party bike owners allowed 21 years old and above riders.

You can now drink and ride on party bikes legally.

Don’t worry if you’ve consumed alcoholic beverages while riding a party bike.

Some people want to ride and enjoy the unique experience of party bikes.

Party Bike

Figure-4 Party Bike

What is the Function of a Party Bike?

A party bike is frequently mistaken for a pedicab in a bigger size.

The party bike, on the other hand, is driven by the passengers.

However, a driver who does not pedal controls the steering and braking.

When individuals consume alcohol, they frequently rent a party bike with a driver.


A party bike is one of the unique vehicles in particular places around the world.

Knowing its capabilities and some aspects from this article will assist you in determining how suitable a party bike is for your purposes. 

You made a sensible decision based on the facts and evidence presented here.

Depending on your preferences, select the most refined party bike for any party event.

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