ZZMERCK Touring Recumbent Quad-420

420 is built primarily to be easy to ride for some people who want more stability. It offers a better view, good ground clearance and additional cargo capacity, which makes it the perfect utility vehicle for touring.

Medium seat height

The medium seat height help you get on and off the trike easily and provides a clear view in traffic.

recumbent quad 420 (1).jpg

Ergo mesh seat

The Ergo-mesh seat is designed to provide optimum back support. The cover features breathable fabrics to maximize airflow, while cushioning in the base and side bolsters enhances comfort.

Superior transmission system

The two stage transmission system minimizes the component size and provides efficient working. Meanwhile, it reduce the tension to maximize chain life.

Power divider

The power diver is designed to drive a pair of wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds when turning a corner. What’s more, the divider can ensure one wheel to keep turning when slip occurs on the other whee

Good ground clearance

Medium seat height offers a good ground clearance, ideal for roads and trail use.

Air suspension

The rear air suspension can be optimized by simply adjusting, which delivers a comfortable and controlled ride.

Super large rear rack

The open designed stainless steel rear rack gives an ideal storage solution for large and heavy loads.

recumbent quad 420 (3).jpg


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