3 Wheel Recumbent trike VS 2 Wheel recumbent bike

Which one is more comfortable of the 3 Wheel Recumbent trike and 2 Wheel recumbent bike?

As the name suggests, recumbent bike is a kind of bicycle places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. The most common recumbent bicycle has two wheels or three wheels (Delta recumbent trike and Tadpole recumbent trike). It has a much longer frame and transmission system than ordinary bicycles. People lying on the saddle to ride. Riders control the direction with a vertical grasping handlebar, which is similar with Aircraft joystick.


  1. Recumbent bike is more flexible to apply to different road conditions. Recumbent trike is more casual and generally apply to better roads.


  1. Firstly, recumbent trike is more balanced but heavier. Then recumbent trike is better in city riding. Because the seat of recumbent bike is higher from the ground. Riders have to put theirs legs down when parking. Legs are uncomfortable to put down if the angle of the backrest is too backwards. Stop-and-go would be very frustrating. Recumbent trike is much better as it can be started or parked very freely and stable. The legs can be put down or not. However, unless the transmission gear of the recumbent bike be preset, or it cannot or very strenuous to start. No need to consider the center of gravity of the body makes the recumbent trike easier to steering at any time. Because of the low center of gravity, the recumbent bike has higher chance to fall out of control if the ground is wet or gravel. While the recumbent trike has no such problems. You can control it even drifting. Usually recumbent trike is more expensive than recumbent bike.


  1. Under same road conditions, recumbent bike is a better choice for its faster speed. Recumbent trike is more inclined to leisure. It can take more luggage for its high load capacity. However, recumbent trike is too difficult to be put into the room if you living in buildings.

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