What Makes the Recumbent Bike Comfortable?

The whold body will more comfortable when Riding a Recument trike than a upright bicycle.

Head: With the support of a comfortable headrest and a lean lying position make no burden on the head even the long ride.

Neck: A very natural pose avoids the acid and pain in the neck caused by bending up.

Shoulder and back: The seat, which completely accord with human body engineering, can tightly hold your shoulders and back. Even if the long ride, there will not be acid, hemp or pain on any parts of your body. It is a gospel for the people who love riding but have diseases of lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain.

Buttock: Spacious seats can completely wrap up your hips, which can completely avoid the occurrence of the disease of related parts. Even no “iron ass”, you can go long distance without any worry.

Arms: Compared with regular bicycle, the recumbent trike, especially with bended handlebars, can better relax riders’ muscle. Long time riding will not be a problem.

Hands: Instead of affording the weight, the wrists is naturally straight. At the same time, both hands no need to grip on the handlebars so hardly. Cycling gloves are not so far more important than in the regular bicycle.

Legs: People who did not ride recumbent trikes feel legs will be very tired to pedal all the time. On the contrary, the leg will be very relax because it inherit the recoil on the shoulder and back. One thing should be noted, the muscle group of legs that gives pedal power to the recumbent trike is different with regular bicycle. Thus, if it is your first to ride a recumbent trike, the leg muscles will appear ache phenomenon because of the lack of exercises for long time. You will feel more relaxed if you keep pedaling a period of time.

Feet: It is basically no difference with regular bike. The recumbent posture shorten the vertical distance from the legs and feet to the body (heart). Then the blood is easier to resist gravity to reduce the heart burden.

Besides all the comforts above, the relying seat, especially for the recumbent trike, is one of the most comfortable chairs. You can choose a right place to rest and take a nap (without getting off the trike). You can also rest while riding. Good adjustments on the body and pedaling pace can let you lying for a long time while riding.

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