The Advantages of the Recumbent Trike

Riding a recumbent trike is more Fast, Comfortable,Safty and Fashion than a Regular bicycles in nowadays

  1.  Fast

Regular bicycles do not have supporting points when riding.  With shoulder and back as a support point, riders’ feet can give power easily when riding a recumbent trike. The low center gravity and small windward side make a low drag coefficient. The highest speed records for bicycles are created and maintained by recumbent bikes.

  1.     Comfortable

Shoulder, back, waist, arm and hand will be fatigue a long time riding on a regular bicycle. However only legs work when riding a recumbent trike, waist, back, shoulders, arms and hands are completely relaxed. Riders won’t be fatigue even long time riding

  1.     Safty

Riders’ feet can natural landing when temporary stop. Low center of gravity means low potential energy. So compared with regular bicycle, recumbent trike is more safety even falling on the ground.

  1.  Fashion

When a thing is scarce, it is precious. A recumbent trike is a landscape that won’t submerge in the traffic. I can say the turnover rate is 200%! It will always be the focus of everyone’s eyes.  Be cautious if you are low-keys.



As the sayings going, It is better to sit down than stand up, lying down is better than sit down, falling asleep is better than lying down. lol


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