A Perfect Quad for City Commuting-H420E

H420E provides solution for those who seek ultimate comfort as well as for people with special needs, offering a versatile and adaptable vehicle with a host of practical functions.

High seat height

The high seat height help you get on and off the quad easily and provides riders with a fabulous unobstructed view for city traveling.
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Security features
The silver reflective strip, highly visible orange hard shell bag, melodic horn increase visibility in traffic, which allow you to get a safe trip.
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Complete lighting system
We offer a complete lighting system, including headlight, rear light with brake light, turn indicator with clicking sound. You can easily set their marks in the traffic. It makes you ride more safe.
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Butterfly handlebar
The butterfly handlebar with a wide variety of hand positions will increase your overall comfort by allowing you to change your hand position often. This is the key to a good touring.
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Riding all year round
Wind fairing, UV resistant roof, mudguards extend the quad season to all year round.
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Two rear suspensions can be optimized by simply adjusting, which delivers ultimate stability and predictable handing.
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Power divider
The power diver is designed to drive a pair of wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds when turning a corner, increasing performance significantly.
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Integrated alloy wheels
High rigid and light alloy wheels provide better stability at higher speed and help you to decelerate the bike in a convenient way.
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Side pods
Specially made side pods are ideal for storing your items and keeping them to hand without getting off your quad.
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Super large rear rack
The open designed stainless steel rear rack gives an ideal storage solution for large and heavy loads.
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Bafang Electric Drive System
The Bafang electric drive system includes a powerful motor with a smooth output. Providing a seamless and easy ride from a standing start, simply pedal as normal and the motor will assist at your preferred level.
Large, glare-free, waterproof 3.5 inch color display. The color display has a clear and intuitive interface, loaded with functionality. It can also works excellently even in direct sunlight and raining day.
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