Recumbent Quad, Your True Pedal Car!

If you want a true pedal car, you must not miss this article.

When riding an upright bicycle, many people suffer a lot from pain in the neck, back, or hips. Then recumbent bike was emerge as the times require. Sitting in a naturally relaxed position, recumbent bikes give people a new freedom to experience the joy of cycling without the pain. However, recumbent bike has no much difference with normal upright bike except comfortable sitting way. It is not safe and stale enough for old or disabled.


The timely appearance of the recumbent trike allows the elderly and the disabled to enjoy the ride while ensuring safety. Recumbent bike changes people’s riding experience and recumbent trike brings this experience to more groups.


But cars are still the main transportation for people to travel because of its fast and convenient features. Cars make roads more crowded and the environment more polluted. Are we really at the expense of the environment while enjoying fast and convenient? A hard-won holiday trip must be wasted half on a congested road? No, recumbent quad refuses environmental pollution and holiday waste. Besides, recumbent quad can also help you to do exercises, enjoy the breeze and the natural scenery. That’s about the pleasure of traveling. It also enhances stability, increase weight capacity, and lots of room for cargo. If the road is crowded, it is no problem, recumbent quad can be driven on cycle paths. At present, recumbent quads have begun to appear on the market. The recumbent quad designed by Trikeplor are very impressive. Especially the 4WD recumbent quad exhibited on SPEZI 2018.


Next, I will introduce four models recumbent quad of Trikexplor for your reference.

4WD Off-road Quad (Model: F426E)

The first 4WD recumbent quad in the world, is specially designed for off-road. It combines durability, reliability and specialist features for conquering all challenging terrains. Sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks; if you want, it will take you anywhere. Even in the roughest of terrains you will benefit from the comfortable seating position and intuitive control. For more details, please refer to the article on the zzmerck news page.


4WD Sport Utility Quad (Model: 424E)

With incorporate features of touring quad and off-road quad, 4WD Sport Utility Quad is designed primarily for cross country cycling, placing emphasis on speed and endurance. It is suitable for riding on flat surfaces, dirty roads and natural off-road trails. For more details, please refer to the article on the zzmerck news page.


City Commuting Quad (Model: H420E)

H420E provides solution for those who seek ultimate comfort as well as for people with special needs, offering a versatile and adaptable vehicle with a host of practical functions. Fpr more information, please refer to the article on the zzmerck news page.


Touring Recumbent Quad (Model: 420)

420 is built primarily to be easy to ride for some people who want more stability. It offers a better view, good ground clearance and additional cargo capacity, which makes it the perfect utility vehicle for touring. For more information, please refer to the article on the zzmerck news page.

recumbent quad 420 (3).jpg

Bicycle is the future trend, ZZMERCK has always believed and practiced this trend. We will continue to develop more bicycles suitable for different groups of people and contribute to the world environment.

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