What is the advantage of recumbent quad bike

As we know it is very comfortable to travel by one recumbent.
While do you have a riding with one recumbent quad?

At present TrikExplor designs 5 models of recumbent quads for traveling, off roading, commuting.

This recumbent quad bike is easier to go for Seniors & Handicapped People.


Extra stability

You don’t have to worry about balance, just focus on pedaling and let the hills come as they may.

Stronger power

Recumbent quad bike has rear two powertrains, which will handle most of terrains.

Large Carrying

During the long distance trip, recumbent quad bike can carry more bags.

If you want to have a try, we have a showroom in Germany.

Welcome you to check our recumbent quads, and now we have a big discount 25% off on recumbent quad bike.

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