Look! our non electric recumbent trike was changed in electric by Ray Glen

Look! This trike was changed by Ray Glen.

Look! This trike was changed by Ray Glen. He bought a non electric trike from us, then mount electric engine and other parts on the trike.
recumbent trik jennifer@zzmerck.com.JPG
The battery and controller is at the back of the seat. The shoes you see are permanently fixed to special peddles called cleats. This is a safer and more advantage in this peddling position.
Mounting Inflatable camping pillow so he can have a siesta on the road.
 The GoPro cam for wild life or impatient drivers!
He also has speakers on the back of the seat for his music, and for answering his phone.

“This trike  is going very well”,  Ray said.

He made a great work, didn’t?  Thumbs up!!!


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