Get your first all-around recumbent trike under $1,000

Do you desire to own an all-around recumbent trike with the lowest cost?
Are you still hesitating about imports because of high Trump tariffs?
Are you worried about the long delivery time?

Get your first all-around recumbent trike under $1,000

All above your concerns are cleared now!!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the birth of M-009, we will give back to new and existing customers with Mega Sale Up to 33% Off.

With zero Trump tariff, free shipping to door, free accessories, 5 year warranty and 10 days deliver to USA , the crazy price of M-009 is only $999.

Limited stock, first come first served!!!

PS: Because of the tariff and freight rates, the biggest discount this time is only for the United States. We also set a very favorable price for customers from other countries. Enter to our Alibaba and AliExpress online stores to get specific discount.


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