Multi-function Ice Cream Bike, a Turn of The Tide for Small Business Owners

The ice cream bike is created for mobility at car free downtown areas and public spaces. With an ice cream bike, you’ve got a business that can be anywhere at any time without any fuel costs.

Mobile business

Because of its self-sufficiency, ice cream bike holds an advantage over local shops because mobility means flexibility. The bike can reach unconventional places, all while offering the wide product selections. With an ice cream bike you’ve got a business that can be anywhere, weddings, birthdays, family reunions, company team building exercises, or private parties in style! Or just roll out wherever you feel someone might be in need of a cool treat!

Practical Freezer

The ice cream bike offers a large volume freezer of 150 L, which is built to optimize your ability to sell as much drinks and ice cream as possible! The temperature range of the freezer is minus 22 degrees to 5 degrees. You can choose a suitable degree depends on your need. With high capacity battery of 12v 80ah, the freezer can perform over 8 hours at the lowest degrees.

multi-function ice cream bike 3.JPG

Automated water supply system 

Our ice cream bike is equipped with an automated water supply system, including faucet, sink, fresh water tank, waste water tank and pump powered by 12V battery. It provides you an efficient and convenient way for water use.

multi-function ice cream bike 4.JPG

multi-function ice cream bike 5.JPG

High-end components

With high-end durable components like an all-steel frame, disc brakes puncture resistant tires and Shimano 6 gears, you have got a business without any worry outside.

Optional Electric Assist

To make it easier and faster get you to the right place, we offer an electric motor. It might enable you to pedal easily even under heavy load. So the electric assist bike is highly recommended. Our standard electric assist bike is with powerful 250watt motor and removable 36v 13ah lithium battery pack. The range performance is about 40 km. Meanwhile we can also offer 48v 500watt motor and 48v 20ah lithium battery. The range performance is about 60 km.

Voluminous box

we design voluminous boxs in which you can storage ice cream waffles or ice cream cups for the whole workday.



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