How to solve the common bicycle problem fastest during long-distance riding

Spring comes, it is cyclists’ time to plan their long distance riding.

Spring comes, it is cyclists’ time to plan their long distance riding.

Well we must meet various of problems during the riding. today we talk how to solve the common maintenance problem fastest and most effectively during long-distance riding

First of all, the most difficult problem on the road is flat tires or punctures, especially when riding on the shoulders of the national road on a rainy day, if you experienced the experience of 4 times a day. What should you do?

It is easier to find a hole for people with experience. If you have no experience? Okay, You can bring the kind of folding water pot, but adhering to the principle of not being able to bring, or not to bring, use less, it is better to bring a few inner tubes, in addition to the two on the car, and then bring four inner tubes, so it will not affect the itinerary. I believe you  don’t want to hold a muddy wheel to fix it on the side of the road in the rain.

Just directly change the tires on the way and repair the the broken tires in the night at hotel.

The next problem is brake. Is it better to use a disc brake? the answer is yes, otherwise it will not be designed, and basically has now dominated the mountain and began to occupy the road car market. The disc brake design was originally designed to ensure the braking performance, and it will not affect the brakes caused by various things. However, the long-distance riding is still based on convenient maintenance and debugging. The oil disc is not recommended, and the easyr-repairing parts are better.

For example, BB5, BB7, Shimanom m375, m415, etc., is easy to debug, and brake shoes can be bought anywhere. If you use the hydraulic brakes. When it is broken, you can’t fix it on your own. The car shopes may not repaire. so we should choose these repair parts which should be easy to obtain.

In addition to the brakes and then it is the spokes, it is necessary to bring a few spare spokes, at least the length is appropriate. In case there is no suitable length, the longer one can also be modified by yourself. If it is short, it will not work.

Then it is the chain problem, this is not necessary to bring, thechain rivet and the magic button can be prepared. You can use the magic button when the chain is broken.

Finally there is the brake cable two pieces are needed. The shift line is not required, its possibility of damage is relatively small, and the usage is not as much as the brake line. The chain oil must be brought. After the last cement road ride, I really feel that it is necessary.

As for the cover tyre, If your riding route is cold, you can bring one or two, and tie it on the outside of the bag.

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