The First 4×4 Drive Recumbent Quad in the World

Today, I will illustrate the function of the first 4WD recumbent quad in the world.

I will start with the frame. The frame is a beautiful curve. frame material is 6061 aluminum alloy T6 heat treatment. We designed the open frame which can be combined with different parts and then various models generated. Meanwhile, the frame is with a variety mounting points for cyclists to modify. Actually recumbent cycle is a small minority, personalized and very diverse, Everyone’s needs are different. Cycle types should have many changes to meet all different needs. Considering this, I designed this frame.


The design concept of this model is modular. What the means is that there can be many variations. Why this, take a look at the front cross member. The connecting device are removable, besides, the structure can be fitted with a front fork. After that, they can be converted into 2 wheel recumbent trike.


These expansion positions in the back are all screw mounting holes. Thus the rear part can have great variability. Like this 4 WD quad, these screw holes are used for mounting the suspension system. It was a tadpole trike before, it can be transformed as tandem recumbent trike. Both models can pass through these screws to install the rear fork, goods shelves. This is one of the biggest features of this quad. There are so many things to expend on.


Look at the wheels. The bicycle hubs is refit from mountain bike hub. The waves of the folk is rather special connect the rim in a special way. Many holes were punched by hand. The spokes are symmetrical. The current method of installation requires more holes on one side. This is also reference to foreign trike. It is fun when I saw it. So I really want to have a try. I feel good, strengthen had no effect. There is no deformation in the circle. The extra circle can do some embellishment.

Then, tires. It is American brand. The gum is very good. And all of the fetus is thinner. The strength is nice. Light in weight. There is another feature. The tire is foldable, you can fold it at ordinary time. The folding length is at 20cm. if you go out riding in mountains, a spare tire is necessary.The tire model is 26-4.8. As far as I know it should be the thickest tire. It is very tough and the grip power is excellent no matter ice or mountains.


Look at the seat. The production process is complicated. Waist pillow give a good support when turning. It adopted hand polished high elasticity sponge. The lock button can quick dismount structure, the back rest and cushion are easy to disassemble. It is also very convenient to cleaning. Nylon mesh fabric has good breathability. The Elegant appearance seat curve is designed according to the body’s physiological curves.


Next is the steering system, double diagonal tie bar structure, push and pull handle bar is in the center. This way of steering is easily be operated and the stability is good. It is better than single tie rod. Single pull rod is easily affected by ground vibration. Great disturbance on direction. This kind of handle bar is wider and easy to control.


Then the brake system. The front wheel has hydraulic disc brake, rear wheel has wire disc brake. Hydraulic disc brake is shift brake. Right hand control right wheel left hand control left hand. There is an unique design add an extra brake bar to control dual rear wheels. If you want to drift or climb a steep slope, rear wheel brake is good.



Look at the battery, 48v 18ah lithium battery, shark fin style, here is the charging plug. There is also a UBS output, you can charge your phone and camera. The battery is easy to install with a key, plug directly, the surface can be some personalized decoration.


The custom-made motor is with large transmission wheel, which makes it in heavy-hitting style. The high torque motor assists you to conquer all challenging terrains. It makes steep climbs become less daunting. Meanwhile, the motor has no resistance when you do not need it.


Next is the shock absorbers. Aluminum alloy housing pressure shock absorber with double chamber. The upper one is the main air chamber, the lower one is the gas chamber. The shock resistant travel is relatively large. Features of air pressure shock absorber capable of adjusting to a range that is especially suited to its own weight.


The quad has power to all four wheels all the time. It offers a great traction on pavement and rough roads.nMeanwhile, it allows you to switch between 4WD and 2WD. This perfectly caters to your special needs on different terrains.

The two stage transmission system minimizes the component size and provides efficient working. Meanwhile, it reduce the tension to maximize chain life.

The quad has a small 18T crankset and a large flywheel (max. chainring 42T). With the minimum gear ratio 18:42, you can obtain a quite large torque. It provides you a strong power when climbing steep hills even no electric assistance.

The power diver is designed to drive a pair of wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds when turning a corner. What’s more, the divider can ensure one wheel to keep turning when slip occurs on the other wheel.

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