Chinese first recumbent tricycle designed by TrikExplor was donated to China bike museum.

This recumbent trike was designed and built by TrikExplor in 2004, it was originally owned by Mr. Zhang, an cycling enthusiasts.

This recumbent trike was designed and built by TrikExplor in 2004, it was originally owned by Mr. Zhang,  an cycling enthusiasts. When he knew the recumbent trike model in the first time, he reserved this recumbent trike, it is customized for Mr. Zhang.

He often take it to join bike clubs for bike touring . This trike still is in pretty good condition.

Mr. Zhang said : “I have been enjoying the cycling of trike for 15 years, while recumbent trike is not well-known in China, I want to let more Chinese people know recumbent trike and know that we also build and even have our own brand of recumbents”.

recumbent trike TrikExplor.jpg

We TrikExplor  are proud of Mr. Zhang. We also hope more and more foreign people know us and  understand us.

Welcome to see TrikExplor recumbents at 24th International Special Bike Show(SPEZI 2019)in Germany on 27th -28th , April.

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