I am Very Enjoy The Rear Suspension Recumbent Trike From ZZMERCK

ZZMERCK suspension recumbent trike ads show a simple system which doesn’t last long, but you changed to a better…thanks for the change thought I was going to have to do that.
there is also some small problems with the trike, but it is easy to handle, i

After a while waiting, I finally picked up my ZZMERCK suspension recumbent trike Saturday morning, and started work as soon as I got home. Found the entire shipment to be well packed and in good condition. I liked finding the color to be such a good blue, nice to look at and enjoy. I kept taking photos and video of the matter as I put it all together. Will include some of it here so you can see. Also found some things different than what you show in ads, such as the rear suspension. The ads show a simple system which doesn’t last long, but you changed to a better…thanks for the changepackage.JPG thought I was going to have to do that
Also it might be well advised to tell people they will get some tools, I have my own but found the ones you sent to be quite helpful. Wasn’t expecting them, but will keep them on hand for any repairs later. (Let’s not hope I don’t need those repairs.)
I didn’t have problems with it, but one of the bearings for the front right tire fell out as I was moving things about. It went right back in and stayed so don’t think it was damaged (Image 1B). Problems came with a screw missing from the rear rack on the right side. But this can easily be replaced so not concerned. The seat was another problem, lining up the bolt to fit all the way through and screw in wasn’t easy. There wasn’t enough room to even get them to fit, so I used a fine file to take off a little and fit them tight. Then found the nut threads would line up with the bolt, had to bend that side to get it to fit and try again…it worked. The only other problem I had was the drag link, a spacer or roller came to be fitted to each side. But the instructions don’t say were to put this, I simple put it under the link to the frame for now (Image 1C).
What has become my major problems starts with adjusting the chain, don’t have the tools for this so I will have to get help. The local bike shops can do this and will get it done in short time.
One last thing to cover, I sometimes work and go to the local college campus, they want all bikes registered. that is great the SSN numbers of the crankshaft area I should use to register with.
Can’t think of anything else right now, will be working on the shell as soon as I can get to it. Thanks again for the help, I know already I will enjoy this trike for a long time to come.
Recumbent Trike
Recumbent Trike 1

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