Model M-009E Entry Level Electric Recumbent Folding Trike

The Entry level Recumbent trike M-009 is an attractive recumbent tricycle with the outstanding technical details: clear lines, raised seating position, rear suspension and folding function etc. A great trike for small budgets.

  • We design the adjustable parts can extension frame to meet your height.
  • It equipped with the rock-solid component, such as the Shimano 24 gears and BB5 disc brakes.
  • Rear suspension provides improved control, traction & comfort on rocky track or potholed roads.
  • We equipped the electric assist system can help you save more energy when long pedaling.

More Features

  • You can easily adjust the seat angle with a comfortabl position.
  • We supply the full Free matched accessories, including headrest, rear rack, mirrors, fenders and flag.
  • Direct steering system can easily control when riding.

Data Sheet



Model M-009E Entry Level Electric Recumbent Guide

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