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Motrike- Your Leading Mobile Vending Cart Manufacturer

Motrike has spent more than 18 years manufacturing mobile vending cart in China. We have the capabilities to develop high-quality mobile vending cart for competitive prices. Motrike can customize a mobile vending cart with your ideas and styles. You can have this mobile vending cart from small to volume orders!

Why Motrike Mobile Vending Cart

  • Top-grade mobile vending cart
  • 10-year warranty services for all spare parts
  • 100% full support after-sale services
  • Strict quality control in each mobile vending cart

Quality Mobile Vending Cart Manufacturing

Motrike is an expert company in developing the latest mobile vending cart. Since 2003, we are always creating new ideas to produce more innovative mobile vending cart. Our company has an extensive product line for mobile vending cart.

Our mobile vending cart has been distributed in 80+ different countries worldwide. You can check the quality of our mobile vending cart first before having large orders. Motrike can guarantee that our mobile vending cart is your perfect solution in this field.

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Mobile Vending Cart

Motrike is your most trusted provider for mobile vending cart. We have all the skills and knowledge needed to manufacture the best quality mobile vending cart. Our experience makes us capable of developing a mobile vending cart that features quality and performance.

Our mobile vending cart is developed using spare parts from famous brands in the world. We are using materials and components from Panasonic, Bafang. Dapu, etc. We are offering you an efficient and reliable mobile vending cart for sale.

This mobile vending cart is designed dependable and advanced. It has all the amenities you would need for a mobile vending cart. We make sure that it is your perfect solution in this business. Motrike mobile vending cart has a unique and proficient style.

Motrike mobile vending cart is environmental-friendly, energy-saving, and multifunctional. The materials we used in creating the mobile vending cart are durable, reliable, and sturdy.

For years, we are developing new ideas in order to manufacture mobile vending cart with great performance. Our mobile vending cart comes in different designs, colors, and models. We can provide a mobile vending cart with modern features.

Motrike manufactures mobile vending cart in both custom and standard designs. You can choose your own designs for each mobile vending cart you need. We are willing to accept your inquiries and produce a mobile vending cart with your own designs. Rest assured, we are producing products and services at affordable prices.

We can assure you that the mobile vending cart is certified and approved by strict quality control. Motrike wants to ensure that you will have a mobile vending cart with satisfying performance. Our 18+ years of experience makes us the leading manufacturer of mobile vending cart in China.

Motrike mobile vending cart has been distributed in more than 80 countries around the world. Each mobile vending cart we produce has long-term warranty services. Parts and components also have 10-year warranty services.

We can deliver your mobile vending cart in a short period of time depending on your orders. But if you want to ensure the performance of our mobile vending cart, you can just order 1 mobile vending cart and check the product. Our company is positive that we will have your orders afterward.

Motrike is looking forward to providing all the solutions you need in this field. We are your perfect option for a mobile vending cart. You can send your inquiries anytime and we are glad to help you find your ideal mobile vending cart.

Motrike is producing mobile vending cart in the greatest deals. Check out Motrike now!


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