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Motrike gladly manufactured and exported mobile juice bars to 80+ countries nationwide. We offer our mobile juice bars available in both standards and custom designs. You will discover the best mobile juice bar at Motrike, check us out!

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Quality Mobile Juice Bar Manufacturing

Providing satisfaction for every valued customer is the life of Motrike. For that reason, we are using our latest components and advanced equipment in processing mobile juice bar units.

Since we started in this industry, we finally achieved the excellent reputation we are dreaming of. Motrike is always at your service when you need your ideas to be turned into reality! Just directly send us your ideas.

Anytime, you can message us and talk with one of our staff assigned. No time for hesitation, we are excited to hear from you!

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Motrike Mobile Juice Bar

Since juice bar is one of the hottest businesses that require a small investment, there`s a lot of people have tried this business and became successful. If you are planning to have a juice bar business, then you must have the best mobile juice bar. Motrike has most of the outstanding mobile juice bars from China. We are the best manufacturer you can fully rely on.

With a mobile juice bar, people can have healthy food and healthy juice in a swift way with no hassle. Since this unit set up with a hygiene and cleaner space, customers often choose foods or juice from this juice bar. Also, for being a portable mobile juice bar, transferring to any locations which are more crowded and possible buyers will be much easier.

Having a juice bar business in summer is very perfect. You can surely gain more income from your thirsty customers. Starting a business with a portable mobile juice bar from Motrike will open chances for a more progressive business. So, choose Motrike to be your premier provider of a mobile juice bars, we will make you satisfied!

Why should get a mobile juice bar for your personal business or as a distributor? Because this business is able to move around. It does means anytime you run out of stocks you can easily restock. Plus, you can be close to your possible customers. Either a fruit juice fresh from a tap or bottled, Motrike offered all the mobile juice bar bikes you need!

Sell and market juice at different locations will be all possible with the Motrike mobile juice bar. You can place it at public parks, fairs, farmers’ markets, tailgate parties, and more events. Our mobile juice bar is perfect for an environmentally sustained business.

Motrike have export products including mobile juice bar for more than 80 countries worldwide. We always get good comments from our customers due to the excellent services and products we offer.

Just let us know how we can help you. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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