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Motrike- Your Premier Mobile Ice Cream Cart Manufacturer

Motrike is your trusted mobile ice cream cart provider in China. We manufacture mobile ice cream carts with full certifications. Motrike is committed to supplying the highest quality mobile ice cream carts to support your business. If you’re searching for a reliable mobile ice cream cart, always choose Motrike!

Why Motrike Mobile Ice Cream Cart

  • 15+ years manufacturing experience
  • Custom mobile ice cream cart is available
  • Advanced and latest production line
  • 100% testing and inspection before delivery

Mobile Ice Cream Cart Manufacturing

Motrike is always the best choice for mobile ice cream cart needs. We can fully support your business by providing all types of quality mobile ice cream carts. Motrike, for over 15 years has been supplying excellent high-quality mobile ice cream carts to different business owners and established companies. Offer durable and strong carts that give long-lasting service.

Motrike can cater to your needs. We can customize your mobile ice cream carts according to your requirements, which will be perfectly suited to your applications. If any special requests, please send us your requirements today! Our sales staff is available 24/7 to answer your concerns.

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  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

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Motrike Mobile Ice Cream Cart

Get a high-quality, reliable performance, and affordable mobile ice cream cart only at Motrike! We have well experienced and professional engineers that can design and manufacture mobile ice cream cart based on your requirements.

Through our advanced manufacturing tools, we apply different manufacturing processes for mobile ice cream cart fabrication. This could really ensure the quality of the unit. Motrike will be the right manufacturer that can satisfy your needs.

Our mobile ice cream carts are precisely manufactured for vending at local events, markets, festivals, and more. Motrike mobile ice cream carts are popular in the market for their elegant designs, simple, and beautiful styles.

Motrke can support your business by providing our widest selection of mobile ice cream carts. Our selection of mobile ice cream carts is available in many different models, colors, and sizes. Whether you need a simple mobile ice cream cart, mobile ice cream cart with freezer, mobile ice cream cart with parasol, or classic mobile ice cream cart, Motrike can always accommodate your needs.

All of our mobile ice cream carts are guaranteed easy to operate, lightweight, and small in size. It comes with separate room for the freezer and storage box. So, if you want to sell your own brand goods, this Motrike mobile ice cream cart is the right solution.

Our company designs a mobile ice cream cart that surely increases the business of selling your ice cream. Plus, to make it more elegant, the body color of the cart can be customized according to your ideal preferences.

Motrike is over 15 years in service. Through the years, our company is confident of providing you high-quality mobile ice cream cart with complete satisfaction.

In our factory, we stock thousands of available mobile ice cream carts ready to ship. And of course, all of the ready-to-deliver carts are manufactured under our strict quality control. With Motrike mobile ice cream cart, you’ve got a business.

When looking for the best and high-quality mobile ice cream cart, Motrike got it all for you! Our products are manufactured to meet and exceed your needs. We can help you with your urgent mobile ice cream cart needs by providing a 20% faster than usual lead time.

As one of the world-leading mobile ice cream cart manufacturers and suppliers, we warmly want to support your business. At Motrike, there is no minimum order for your mobile ice cream cart supply. You can purchase in single or bulk orders.

If you wish for a long-lasting business, then consider Motrike as your immediate go-to wholesale mobile ice cream cart manufacturer, supplier and distributor.

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