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All kinds of reliable juice carts for your business are available in Motrike! Allow us to be your top choice supplier for different types of juice carts from China. For inquiries, just beep up your message and we will give exact answers.

Why Motrike Juice Cart

  • Qualified manufacturer of Juice Cart
  • Strict quality inspection of each product
  • 100% Durably-made products
  • Certified to all quality standards

Quality Juice Cart Manufacturing

As one of the well-known providers in China, Motrike is engaged in manufacturing and supplying high-class juice carts to customers worldwide. We can even customize juice carts varied on your ideal sizes, features, applications, etc. Our main goal is to help you boom your business, so give us chance to help you!

For many years working as a devoted manufacturer, we have earned respect and trust from any customers we have. We are excited to serve you with our services! Contact us immediately.

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Motrike Juice Cart

We are a leading supplier of highly durable juice carts in various selections. Motrike designed juice carts for marketing fresh fruit juice which is ready-made through using a juice blender. We have been exporting juice cart production to our worldwide customers.

Motrike juice carts are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. These are manufactured using high-grade raw materials. Moreover, we used our range of advanced equipment in processing juice carts while handled by a team of skilled engineers and quality control workers.

In fact, the juice cart`s interior storage capacity is organized into separated cabinet sections, with each square inch set to best use. Strictly based on your requirements, we can maximize its space by adding an extra bench placed on every corner of the cart. If you are looking for the best manufacturer to handle your orders, Motrike is the one for you! We hope to help you in terms of juice cart production and customization.

Whether for your personal purpose or running a business, you are free to have the juice carts brought to you by Motrike. Due to its perfect assembly, Motrike`s juice carts became one of the company`s in-demand items on sale.

As a veteran manufacturer with almost 18 years of experience, we have committed to providing quality juice carts. These are fully certified with all international quality standards.

Through our unmatched service offers, many customers all over the world have given good feedback to us. To experience our unparalleled services for your operating business, deal with Motrike today! Custom variety is always available at Motrike. We can also recommend the best one to match your application.

At Motrike, we offer plenty of designs of juice carts you can choose from. In order to fill the non-stop demands of customers, we are engaged in offering extensive juice carts. So far, we had delivered our products to several countries such as the USA, Denmark, UK, and more.

Interested in Motrike Juice Cart? Contact us today and we will send you more details.

What is a Juice Cart?

The juice cart is a mobile store that can be pushed or pulled behind a bicycle.

Besides, a juice cart is a vending machine that sells freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

Juice carts and juice food trucks are also popular options for juice drinks and sorbet stores.

Figure-1 Juice Cart

Figure-1 Juice Cart

Is Juice Cart Profitable?

Yes, juice carts offer a lot of potential for business.

In juice carts, labor and expenditures are more affordable.

Juice cart stores are an interesting business effort, for nutritious juices and inexpensive start-up costs.

What is the Best Advantage of Juice Cart?

The cart is intended to sell freshly squeezed fresh fruits and vegetables made on the spot with a manual juicer pressing.

An electric blender or an electric juicer can be added to the juice cart as an option.

  • Ready-to-use, cost-effective
  • Strong wheels 
  • Weather-resistant and long-lasting
  • Lockable storage
  • Range of colors
  • A cart with a unique design and a pleasing appearance.
  • Built-in display fridge that you can customize
  • Made of stainless steel, may use it outside.
  • Parts of superior quality

Figure-2 Juice CartFigure-2 Juice Cart

In What Material Juice Cart Made Of?

The table-top of the vending cart is composed of food-grade stainless steel 0.8 mm thick and includes a sink with a 12V battery-powered automatic water delivery system.

It works well in both outdoor and indoor settings.

What are those Different Types of Juice Cart?

The inner storage area of the juice cart is divided into several cabinet sections, with every square inch being utilized. 

For your juice business, you can select from a range of juice carts, such as the ones listed below:

  •  Classical ice cream juice cart.
  •  Front-load street mobile vending juice cart.
  •  Mini ice cream juice cart.
  •  Mobile street vending juice cart.
  •  Outdoor mobile vending juice cart with enough free space.

What is the Most Effective Method for Starting a Juice Cart Business?

Generally, there is a few-step juice cart guide business to assist you in getting started.

1. Decide on a juice cart concept and brand.

The first step on your trip is to decide on a juice cart idea. It is the most imaginative part of the process.

You have to select your shop’s motif, the sorts of ingredients you’ll utilize, and more, as well as how you’ll treat your consumers.

2. Create a business plan for a juice cart.

The next stage in the process of starting a juice cart is to establish the business.

It was an excellent technique to compile pertinent information in one location and offer your concept to prospective buyers.

3. Obtain funding for your juice cart. 

Once you receive formal financing for your juice cart, your concept begins to take shape.

You’ll know the amount you’ll need to start your juice cart once you’ve calculated the quantity.

4. Find areas for juice carts and sorbet shops. 

The juice cart location and concept of your business should be mutual both outdoors and indoors.

Locate your juice cart at open space, like:

  • Gym area.
  • Jogging routes.
  • Smoothie stores thrive on boardwalks.
  • Coastal towns.
  • Attractive main streets.
5. Acquire authorizations for your juice cart. 

Until you can start selling juice, you’ll get a few permissions and registrations from local governments.

Including business licenses and the food licenses industry.

6. Choice devices and supplies for your juice carts.

Because fresh fruit and veg make up most of your meal orders, juice carts have special requirements.

  • Juicers- that are spinning, chomping, lemon, and wheatgrass.
  • Blenders – With high-powered motors.
  • Food Preparation- Including knives, cutting boards, and peelers.
  • Small refrigeration- Produce storage in refrigerators, and bottled juice merchandisers in glass cases.
  • Ice Machines- Ice machines that are capable of producing enough ice for your mixed beverages.
  • Disposable cartridges- Straws, bottles, bowls, covers for serving juices, and environmentally friendly smoothie dishes.

Figure-3 Juice Cart

Figure-3 Juice Cart


A juice cart is an immediate chilling device that allows you to drink cool, delicious juice right away.

After reading this FAQ, it would be best to have a clearer idea of what a juice cart is. And the benefits that these great juice carts provide.

Hopefully, the research and evidence offered here helped you make an informed option.

Now is the moment to start a juice cart enterprise if you’ve always wanted to.

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