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Motrike - Your Best Ice Cream Vending Cart Manufacturer

We manufacture classic designs of ice cream vending carts for your business. Motrike has more than a thousand ice cream vending carts with many different models, designs, and sizes for you to choose from. If you have a special request for your ice cream vending cart, please send us your requirements. Motrike can make your ideas into reality!

Why Motrike Ice Cream Vending Cart

  • Manufacture based on your ideas and specifications
  • Nearly 2 decades of manufacturing experience
  • Owns high-technology production lines
  • High-end raw materials

Ice Cream Vending Cart Manufacturing

Motrike increased our manufacturing capabilities and inventories to fabricate a custom high standard ice cream vending cart. Being one of the top manufacturers in China, our company strictly follow every stage of ice cream vending cart manufacturing processes. Motrike can assemble and design your ice cream vending cart based on our expertise.

Motrike aims to gain trust and satisfaction from our customers. That’s why we carefully choose the best and high-quality raw materials for the ice cream vending cat manufacturing. And before we ship the unit, we conducted strict quality control to ensure the quality of the ice cream vending cart. Our high-quality products and services guarantee customer satisfaction!

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Ice Cream Vending Cart

Motrike is an ISO-authorized company in China, specialized in manufacturing and supplying premium quality ice cream vending carts. Motrike ice cream vending carts are one of the best solutions to start a business! Whether you’re a newbie in the business or an established one that needs to import an ice cream vending cart from China, Motrike is the right solution!

Motrike ice cream vending cart is an efficient and most versatile ice cream cart on the market nowadays. Our team manufactures an ice cream vending cart suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use the unit virtually anywhere, from markets, parks, and neighborhoods buzzing.

Our company keeps improving our comprehensive inventory. As a result, Motrike is capable to manufacture and design classic design of ice cream vending carts. These carts are perfect for promoting a newly launched flavor of the ice cream and selling ready-made ice cream.

We manufacture a satisfying ice cream vending cart with many advantages and features. Such features give outstanding benefits to your business. Here are some advantageous features of the Motrike ice cream vending cart:

  • energy efficiency
  • interior storage (providing plenty of space for supplies and equipment)
  • long-term warranty
  • reliable performance and durably constructed
  • practical and efficient

Motrike has a comprehensive line of ice cream vending carts with outstanding designs, colors, and sizes. In production, whatever you demand, Motrike is always ready to accommodate your needs. Our widest selection of ice cream vending carts will give you almost all options in the industry.

Our company, Motrike, has nearly 20 years of involvement in fabricating ice cream vending carts and other ice cream cart solutions. We are equipped with dedicated engineers and staff, innovating an extensive product line of ice cream vending carts to be delivered across the world.

Motrike is your one-stop ice cream vending cart solution in China. To meet your different needs, we are dedicated to manufacturing almost all ice cream carts such as electric ice cream bike, tricycle ice cream bike, ice cream pushcart, mobile ice cream cart, and many others.

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, factory, or ice cream business owner that needs reliable ice cream vending cart, Motrike is always the best choice!

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