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Motrike- Your Reliable Ice Cream Push Cart Manufacturer

The best ice cream pushcarts are found in Motrike! We have over 18 years in the history of manufacturing ice cream pushcarts in China. We provide the widest selection of ice cream pushcarts for you! Find the right ice cream pushcarts from Motrike and discover their benefits to your business!

Why Motrike Ice Cream Push Cart

  • Certified ice cream pushcarts manufacturer and supplier
  • Nearly 20 years in the manufacturing industry
  • Advanced machinery and production tools
  • Can be supplied to different parts of the world

Ice Cream Push Cart Manufacturing

Motrike has the best selection of ice cream pushcarts. We have been in the manufacturing industry for nearly 20 years. With years of experience, most business owners or companies worldwide have been relying on Motrike because we offer complete solutions with reliable performance.

Aside from delivering quality products, Motrike was also known for customizing ice cream pushcarts based on customer’s requirements. For your order, Motrike can let you receive 30% faster than the normal lead time.

Our company has an effective manufacturing quantity of 10,000 tons annually that guarantees immediate shipping even when peak season. Here in Motrike, there will be no delay with your orders.

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Motrike Ice Cream Push Cart

When it comes to your ice cream pushcart requirements, Motrike can manufacture and provide your needs. Motrike is a leading ice cream pushcart manufacturer and supplier in China with over 18 years of experience. We have a team of dedicated engineers and staff to assist ice cream pushcart production.

Motrike ice cream push carts are perfect for vending at markets, local events, and festivals. At Motrike, you can get an elegant style, simple, and beautiful ice cream pushcarts that perfectly suit your needs. In China, Motrike becomes popular for supplying and manufacturing reliable ice-cream pushcart with exceptional quality.

Below are the Motrike ice cream pushcarts features:

  • different colours for tent
  • workable table for convenience
  • long-term warranty
  • easy to operate
  • lightweight

Our own version of ice cream pushcarts is manufactured guaranteed by our expert engineers and designers. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, all of our ice cream pushcarts are certified to many international certifications.

To match your different application, Motrike offers various designs of ice cream push carts. Whether you need a mobile electric ice cream pushcart, ice cream push cart with freezer, mini ice cream pushcart, or ice cream pushcart parasol, Motrike got you cover.

You can ask for design assistance from our friendly sales engineers. If you can’t find the ideal ice cream pushcart from our designs, then Motrike can produce ice cream pushcarts according to your specific requirements. Send us your own ideas and Motrike can make them into reality.

Motrike has years of experience in manufacturing ice cream pushcarts, working with clients from different parts of the world. Be it our popular ice cream pushcarts, Motrike can build you the mobile business of your wildest pushcarts dreams.

We can supply our ice cream pushcarts worldwide including the USA, Poland, Mexico, Sweden, and many others. Motrike makes sure that all of the ice cream pushcarts we deliver are guaranteed 100% inspected by our professional Quality Control team.

Aside from our ice cream pushcarts, we can also offer you the best deal of recumbent trike, vending bike, juice cart, catering bike, food bike, Coffee Bike, and many more.

Send us your ideal requirements now! We are 24/7 available to cater to your inquiries.

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