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Motrike can lower your cost while supplying amazing quality ice cream carts at different selections. We can offer different options in choosing the right ice cream carts for your business. We have a variety of ice cream cart sizes, colors, styles, designs, and different types of materials according to your requests.

Why Motrike Ice Cream Cart

  • Trusted in more than 18 years in service worldwide
  • Over 10 years warranty offer for your ice cream cart
  • Popular and professional designs of ice cream carts
  • Faster shipment and well-arranged documents

Quality Ice Cream Cart Manufacturing

Choose the best partner to get excellent quality ice cream carts. Motrike manufactured ice cream carts at your ideal selections with high-tech machines and a convenient plant area. We made popular designs of ice cream carts suitable for your place and business needs.

Motrike can do different processes for well-designed ice cream carts. Our ice cream carts have strong frames, famous parts, materials, and more designed by our expert designers. Send your inquiries and request your desired ice cream carts customizations.

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike-Your Reliable Ice Cream Cart Manufacturer

Looking for the best quality ice cream carts in China? Perfect, since Motrike manufactured all ice cream carts selections at plenty stocks for your bulk orders.

Motrike has 18 years of experience supplying a variety of ice cream carts at the lowest price. We helped a lot of business types with our quality services handling the whole process from small to large projects.

Motrike ice cream carts are human-powered that need a push. It is a lightweight ice cream cart made of lightweight materials. It has 2 wheels on both sides with durable and attractive canopies. It has excellent designs also called ice cream pushcarts made of durable types of panels at different types of materials.

Motrike ice cream carts have different sizes and weights with over 10 years warranty. We are able to supply plenty of stock per month and make different designs every year. We ensure cost-effective and certified ice cream carts internationally. We assure you to receive amazing quality ice cream carts and appearance.

Motrike parts from seats, wheels, frames, canopies, panels, freezers, containers, and more are made of tested materials and parts. You can choose your desired finishes and polish for your ice cream cart orders. Whether you are starting a business, Motrike will fully support and handle the rest.

In this industry, Motrike is trusted in designing different ice cream cart designs. Our ice cream carts are easy to move. It has a great freezer at the perfect performance that lasts for more than 10 hours according to the temperature outside.

Motrike ice cream carts have strong cooling abilities. The colors are customizable including designs and styles. It has different features that Motrike proudly offers because of its negotiable and attractive appearance and quality.

We, Motrike can meet your needs especially in handling faster processes for your urgent needs. We can lower your cost and free your time from worries. We can build perfect connections for your business so we can help your next purchase easier and fast. Don’t hesitate to deal with us. Our friendly customer service can guide and provide complete information for your satisfaction.

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Ice Cream Cart: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


What is an Ice Cream Cart?

An ice cream cart refers to a non-motorized vehicle that is centrally used in selling all sorts of ice cream.

It has enough storage spaces where you can store and display your ice cream. 

It is popular, especially in the summer season, and visibly noticeable in all public places. 

Figure-1 Ice Cream Cart

Figure-1 Ice Cream Cart

What are the Different Styles of an Ice Cream Cart?

These are the following distinct types of ice cream cart that are suitable in your specific applications:

1. Dry Ice Carts.

Dry ice carts are considered the top choice for all ice cream carts.

This is effective in retaining the ice cream from freezing and cold.

2. Removable Holdover Cart.

This type of ice cream cart contains house cartridges that keep the ice cream frozen.

Once the ice cream melts, it will freeze again if it is placed inside the cartridges.

3. Cold Plate Cart

Another type of ice cream cart that can only function through using rechargeable batteries.

Charge it overnight for whole day use.

It makes your ice cream remain cold and freeze even in high temperatures. 

Where Does An Ice Cream Cart Often See?

Most ice cream carts are visibly noticeable in certain public places, just like in:

  • Parks
  • Plazas
  • Avenues
  • Public streets
  • Outside the church
  • Outside the school
  • Bayside

Figure-2 Ice Cream Cart

Figure-2 Ice Cream Cart

What are the Different Models of Ice Cream Carts?

There’s a different model of ice cream carts, including:

  • Classical mobile electric ice cream bike cart
  • Functional ice cream bike cart with freezer
  • Mobile luxury ice cream bike cart with parasol
  • Smart flexible ice cream bike cart

How Do Ice Cream Carts Keep the Ice Cream Frozen?

It is because of a metal plate that builds upon the ice cream cart wall.

If the freezer is plugged in, those metal plates will be cold, responsible for making the ice cream out and freezing.

However, even if the freezer is unplugged, those metal plates keep at a low temperature, making the ice frozen.

What are the Features of Ice Cream Carts?

1. High mobility.

Ice cream carts are easily transferred and placed into different stations and places.

2. Environmentally-friendly.

Ice cream carts do not emit any pollutant smoke nor produce disturbing noise. 

3. Long-lasting services.

You can benefit from using an ice cream cart for decades if it is used and maintained correctly. 

4. Versatile.

An ice cream cart comes with a unique and simple layout design that attracts the attention of all customers. 

5. Compact and dense.

Ice cream carts are constructed from high-durability, rust-free, and corrosion-free materials. 

Figure-3 Ice Cream Cart

Figure-3 Ice Cream Cart

What are the Common Advantages of an Ice Cream Cart?

These are the following visible advantage of having an ice cream cart:

  • It is an excellent way for you to start a small ice cream business in a low capital.
  • It is sure to give you excellent profits. 
  • It produces less waste.
  • It does not require any professional egress to operate an ice cream cart.

What are some Drawbacks of an Ice Cream Cart?

Besides the advantages, the ice cream cart also has limitations that you should think about:

  • Ice cream carts are weather-dependent.

It means that your customers cannot stay longer in your cart, especially in bad weather, since there is no sufficient area where they can stay.  

  • Restricted spaces.

Having insufficient space in your ice cream cart will make you find difficulty in displaying and storing all your ice cream products.

  • It requires frequent maintenance.

This probably helps to keep the constant operation of your ice cream cart.

What is the Difference Between Ice Cream Cart and Ice Cream Truck?

Ice Cream CartIce Cream Truck
  • Non-mobilized commercial vehicle
  • Mobilized commercial vehicle
  • It runs through exerting force
  • It runs through using the mechanical machine power
  • Limited storing and display spaces
  • Has sufficient spaces for all ice cream and other food dessert products


In summary, an ice cream cart is a non-mobilized vehicle that comes in 3 major types that probably help in expanding your ice cream business.

It has the most versatile designs and sturdy configuration that catches the attention of all customers, especially youngsters. 

Ice cream carts are visible in different public places and are highly popular, especially in summer. 

As you read the entire information of this guide, it will probably give you an idea of choosing the right ice cream cart and its consequences. 

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