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Motrike is a professional manufacturer of hotdog carts for more than 18 years now. We have trusted by thousands of customers from different countries around the world. As a professional manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products that will surely skyrocket and promote your business. Inquire now for more information.

Why Motrike Hotdog Cart

  • 360-degree stainless steel rollers for even cooking
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Convenient countertop unit
  • Comes with different components like canopy and roller

Quality Hotdog Cart Manufacturing

Motrike has more than 18 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality hotdog carts. Our hotdog carts are sold to different countries around the world.

As a professional manufacturer, we can customize your hotdog carts based on your materials, logos, sizes, and colors. Motrike became the leading manufacturer of hotdog carts because of our advanced equipment, strict quality control system, strong technical force, flexible operating mode, and reliable quality products.

Motrike can be your trusted partner for your hotdog cart needs. Send us your inquiries!

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Motrike Hotdog Cart

Motrike has been the leading manufacturer of hotdog carts in China for over 18 years. As a professional manufacturer, we are fully committed to helping your business to skyrocket. Thus, we produce a wide range of products and services to meet your requirements.

We manufacture hotdog carts with great style and designs. It features a different number of rollers that can cook up various foot-long and regular hotdog sizes. It can also cook egg rolls, taquitos, bratwursts, and breakfast sausages.

Motrike hotdog carts also feature stainless steel rollers that can rotate up to 360-degree. Therefore, ensuring an evenly cooked hotdog. Its rollers are also high-quality that can resist corrosion and rust-proof to ensure safety.

Aside from that, our hotdog carts are manufactured with a canopy bun warmer. It can hold large numbers of buns while keeping them warm. It is also designed with a convenient countertop unit that makes it portable for small spaces.

Moreover, Motrike designed hotdog carts with customized equipment and stainless steel wall. It has a complete water system that follows a national standard. Thus, you can assure the quality of our hotdog carts.

Additionally, Motrike manufactures hotdog carts with stainless steel storage and non-slip metal floor. If you have special requests, Motrike accepts customization based on your material selection, colors, design, logo, sizes, and more. Just send us your details.

You can use Motrike hotdog carts for different applications. You can use it as a food sales vehicle in night markets, schools, tourist attractions, malls, and more. It is also applicable for travel, leisure projects, camping, hotels, etc. Motrike will surely help you find the right hotdog carts suitable for your application and location.

All our hotdog carts are certified by international quality standards like ISO9001, CCC, ISO14001, and more. Motrike hotdog carts are highly reputable and best-selling in the market. Purchase your hotdog carts at Motrike.

To support your business, Motrike offers competitive prices, low MOQ, and a short delivery time from 7 to 15 days depending on the number of your orders. We also offer 24/7 technical assistance and services for your inquiries.

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