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Motrike- Your Grocery Delivery Bicycle Experts

Motrike is a well-established grocery delivery bicycle manufacturer for more than 15 years. We have advanced manufacturing capabilities to help your local business. Motrike grocery delivery bicycles can be exported to different parts of the world.

Why Motrike Grocery Delivery Bicycle

  • One-stop design and manufacturing solution
  • Standard grocery delivery bicycle to save your cost
  • Fast shipment with a complete range of stock
  • Advanced manufacturing capabilities

Grocery Delivery Bicycle Manufacturing

Motrike is a company with 10+ years of experience in grocery delivery bicycle fabrication. Our team of experts is helpful in customizing your ideal design of the grocery delivery bicycle.

Before we ship the grocery delivery bicycle to our clients, we have an experienced quality control team to check the quality of each grocery delivery bicycle. Motrike is a world-class manufacturer and distributor in China. We produce custom and standard grocery delivery bicycles with full certifications.

For any questions as for Motrike grocery delivery bicycles, talk with one of our expert staff.

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  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Grocery Delivery Bicycle

Motrike, operating in China specialized in producing all kinds of delivery bikes. One of the best-selling and popular delivery bikes we offer is the grocery delivery bicycles. Motrike offers multiple solutions regarding grocery delivery bicycle production.

Whether you’re in a specialty market or a big chain superstore, these Motrike grocery delivery bicycles are the best choice. Motrike grocery delivery bicycle is a battery-powered bicycle designed to tow heavy loads.

We manufacture grocery delivery bicycles with compact containers that can able the user to haul more goods. Motrike grocery delivery bicycle can be fitted into a single parking space and can maneuver through a typical grocery store.

Motrike is well-known for supplying high-quality grocery delivery bicycles worldwide. In fact, Motrike grocery delivery bicycles are very popular in the market.

To help you win more customers, we manufacture eye-catching grocery delivery bicycles for you. These are personalized and emission-free means of urban transport. Our team makes sure that grocery delivery bicycles are quick to move and flexible in the corner and street.

Here are some of the Motrike grocery delivery bicycle features and advantages:

  • with a side door for large cargo delivery
  • reinforced structure design and steel frame to ensure high capacity and durability
  • super strong power to carry heavy loads
  • hydraulic disc brakes (for excellent braking force and parking power)
  • ergonomic reclining seat
  • open canopy
  • durable parts extend the service life

Motrike offers a wide range of grocery delivery bicycles that provides great features and advantages to your applications. Motrike grocery delivery bicycles ensure safe and comfortable riding for the rider.

Since 2003, Motrikes specialized in special tricycles and quadricycles production. We are committed to manufacturing and supplying superior quality grocery delivery bicycles in a constant bid.

Motrike is an innovative leader in the worldwide green transport industry. We have been dedicated to extending the benefit and fun of eye-catching grocery delivery bicycles to everywhere in the world.

And now, Motrike is a world-leading provider of comprehensive grocery delivery bicycles with different models. Aside from Motrike grocery delivery bicycle, we also offer cargo delivery bike, electric delivery bike, 3 wheel delivery bike, delivery trike, and many more. 

If you’re interested in our grocery delivery bicycles, please contact us today!

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