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Motrike- Your Irreplaceable Gelato Bike Manufacturer

Motrike is your preeminent gelato bike manufacturer in China. We’re committed to providing you with the best product and service in the industry. From consulting to gelato bike requirements, our professional team can help. Choose Motrike for your gelato bike needs now!

Why Motrike Gelato Bike

  • More than 15 years of reliable service
  • Classic, Luxury, and functional gelato bikes
  • Offer considerate custom services for you
  • Built with efficiency and great performance

Quality Gelato Bike Manufacturing

Using high-quality parts and components, Motrike developed high-performance gelato bikes according to your requirements and specifications. We do rigorous gelato bike manufacturing to ensure elegant, eye-catching, and advanced bicycle-inspired gelato bikes.

With nearly 20 years of experience, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our products. At Motrike, we have a complete production line, as well as advanced techniques in processing to produce long-lasting bikes, durable and ideal gelato bikes for your business. Aside from that, we offer fully customized bikes to perfect your needs. Message us now!

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Why Motrike Gelato Bike Manufacturing

Are you searching for a stunning and elegant gelato bike for your gelato business? Motrike gelato bikes are the best bike for you. Motrike is a professional manufacturer of gelato bikes, offers them at a very cost-effective rate without sacrificing high performance.

Motrike Gelato bikes are the best way to present your gelato product outside your store or to enhance the inside beauty of your store. It is suitable for your product displaying outside such as in lively parks, neighborhoods, to indoor locations such as commercial building and private venues.

Our Motrike gelato bike can authentically serve up gelato and can surely impress your customers. It is one of the easiest to use and maintain gelato bikes. These are surely authentic, environment friendly, sustainable, and eye appealing.

Our beautiful Motrike gelato bikes are also designed to market your product at birthday parties, weddings, outside events, farmers markets, and more. Motrike Gelato bikes can be managed with ease virtually everywhere. This bike is structured with all the necessary equipment for long-lasting performance, hassle-free operation with no trouble.

For gelato bike customization, our excellent design team is capable of providing you with samples and drawings, so that you can come up with a very good idea for your next Motrike gelato bike. Choose your design and logo, umbrella, your cladding, and make it unique. We’ll walk you through the rigorous process.

Our comprehensive range of extraordinary business solutions, now serving many companies worldwide. We are dedicated to supporting companies that aim at providing superior quality products and services to everyone. In China, Motrike stands out by offering advanced mobility solutions that precisely assembled and orderly devised to exceed our client’s needs.

Since our inception in 2003, a huge array of mobility solutions is introduced worldwide and we are now producing a wide variety of carts, bikes and trikes including juice cart, Coffee Bike, food bike, delivery bikes, surrey bike, and many more. As your one-stop solution for bicycle-inspired products in China, we will never disappoint your expectations.

For your specific requirements, Motrike is always willing to support your business. We constantly work to design and create impressive products for you especially gelato bikes.

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