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Motrike- Your Expert Front Load Cargo Bike Manufacturer

You can totally rely on Motrike for super practical, eco-friendly, and low-priced front load cargo bikes.  Motrike has supplied multiple stocks of front load cargo bikes to more than 80+ countries nationwide. Whether you need a standard front load cargo bike or a custom one, we are capable to accommodate all your needs. Just send us your exact drawing or sample for the customization process.

Why Motrike Electric Cargo Bike

  • Accumulated 18+ years of rich experience in this field
  • Quality guaranteed front load cargo bikes
  • Came in different sizes, models, and styles
  • Implement quality testing before shipment

Front Load Cargo Bike Manufacturing

As a well-established manufacturing company for over 18 years, Motrike always does its best to produce the highest quality front load cargo bikes. For that reason, we become one of the well-respected, qualified manufacturers in China.

Motrike always confident in supplying customers with satisfying services and products. So anytime you required a front load cargo bike, you can directly ask for stocks from us. We have the most advanced production line that always assured you can receive your exact orders in the scheduled time.

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Motrike Front Load Cargo Bike

Need the best manufacturer for your ideal front load cargo bikes from China? Motrike is the best manufacturing company you can trust with.  We are one of the well-reputed manufacturers and suppliers professional in processing front load cargo bikes. Our company is consists of 100+ employees, expert engineers, a highly advanced production line, and a trained quality control team.

You are free to check out the various designs of front load cargo bikes from Motrike. They came in assorted style, sizes, and design. Motrike hopes to help anytime you need small-large stocks of front load cargo trike for your running business.

Sometimes referred to as Bakfiets, front load cargo bikes used to allow the carrying of any amount of cargo in a container or box.  For family use, Motrike front load cargo bikes also work very much perfectly. It is capable to carry pets and kids while ensuring their safety by keeping an eye on them.

Unlike other bikes, driving front load cargo bikes needs practice. But no worries because they`re easy to operate. Perfect balancing will be achieved in no time so practice makes it perfect.

Motrike engineers designed front load cargo bikes with safety in mind. It also features high stability and doesn`t surpass the bike`s utmost transport capacity.

What gives the rider confidence and control when driving, is the front load cargo bike`s double-cable steering, lightweight frame, and extra-low front cargo rack. Motrike guaranteed our front load cargo bike to be sturdier enough for long, enjoyable rides.

A hundred stocks of front load cargo bikes are available anytime you needed. We also offer custom front load cargo bikes to match your applications. We used our most advanced tooling technology every time we`re processing front load cargo bikes with your own design specifications.

At Motrike, you will get a high-class front load cargo bike with your exact designs. Including our front load cargo bikes, all our products are sold well in many countries like Poland, America, Europe, etc.

For your business concerns, discuss it freely with Motrike. If you choose us to be your partner, you will never regret for sure. Contact our team!

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