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Motrike- Your Leading Freight Bicycle Manufacturer

Motrike has accumulated almost 20 years in manufacturing and supplying premium quality freight bicycle. We have a wide range of freight bicycle available in custom styles, colors, and sizes. Our company offers long-term warranty services for each freight bicycle. You can check on us anytime!

Why Motrike Freight Bicycle

  • 18+ years experienced in this industry
  • High-quality freight bicycle standards
  • Long-term warranty for spare parts
  • Supply products for 80+ countries

Quality Freight Bicycle Manufacturing

Motrike is equipped with an advanced manufacturing system led by skilled engineers. All of us focused on developing innovative freight bicycle that features outstanding performance. We make sure that our freight bicycle is capable of doing tough jobs and reliable all the time.

Motrike can customize every freight bicycle you need to meet your customer’s demands. We want to provide all the solutions you need to grow your business. Motrike freight bicycles can be delivered anywhere in the world. In fact, our company offers door-to-door shipments.

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  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Freight Bicycle

For over 18 years, Motrike has an outstanding performance in manufacturing durable and reliable freight bicycle. Our experienced keep us as one of the premier manufacturer of freight bicycle in China. This freight bicycle has all the features you need for your company.

We provide freight bicycle for personal and business use. If you are looking for a perfect supplier for freight bicycle, Motrike is your best option. Our company has all the qualities and capabilities needed to produce world-class freight bicycle.

Motrike freight bicycle is designed to offer comfort, safety, and sustainability. If your customers want larger freight bicycle,wide-space freight bicycle for shopping, coats, school bags, and etc, we can deliver them for you. We manufacture freight bicycle in all sizes and shapes. Our company provides all the solutions to enhance the growth of your company.

Motrike freight bicycle is made from spare parts provided by famous brands in the world. We are using parts from Panasonic, Schwalbe, Avid, Shimano, and etc. Those companies have an outstanding reputations in the cycling industry.

Our freight bicycle can be customized in designs, styles, and colors. Moreover, you can send us your inquiries for this freight bicycle and we are glad to manufacture and deliver it in short period of time. Motrike offers you a door-to-door service wherever you are. Rest assured, our freight bicycle has a 10-year warranty, the perfect offer you can find from a company.

We are able to produce freight bicycle that will definitely hit the demands of your market. Our main goal is to provide products and solutions at affordable prices. Our expertise has been tested by our customers internationally. We have supplied freight bicycle in countries like United Kingdom, USA, Denmark, and more.

You can test our product’s quality by ordering only 1 freight bicycle. You can examine the quality of our freight bicycle and be satisfied by its performance. We are looking forward to your orders to come. Our great deals provide cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Moreover, Motrike offers full support on your installation and maintenance. We also provide 100% of our after-sale services. Our company gives usage and maintenance tips for you to have a more productive business.

Feel free to contact us anytime you need. You can email us at or just call us at 0086-371-69180706!

We are looking forward to our strong business partnership in this industry!

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